Glenn Danzig PREDICTS CA Wildfires Back In MARCH Said “Terrorism” Would Be Cause

Singer, Glenn Danzig predicted the current California wildfire devastation back in March, 2017, while appearing on an episode of KLOSJonesy’s Jukebox.

Danzig, while being interviewed by former Sex Pistols guitarist, Steve Jones, back in March, said he thinks setting fire in California would be the perfect choice for potential terrorists.

“Well I have a theory about wildfires in California, the “Mother” singer said. “Terrorism.”

“It’s the maximum amount of carnage for the littlest amount of money,” Danzig prognosticated last Spring.

Flash forward to today, and several wildfires are ravaging California. Countless homes and businesses have fallen victim to the blaze as well as 17 confirmed deaths and a staggering 650 still reported missing. Continue reading

Megan Fox Folds Under Baby Question (Video)

Megan Fox was being interviewed by “Entertainment Tonight” host Steve Jones, about her new spokewoman job for “The Sharper Image”, where she basically lays on a bed in underwear again!

Jones was told not to ask any personal questions about Fox aka the pregnancy rumors. Jones hints at the baby question anyway, as Fox folds, and her publicist tries to end the interview. Continue reading