Justin Ross Harris Trial VERDICT

Justin Ross Harris has been found guilty on all counts in the death on his young son who he left in a hot car.

Harris, the father of a toddler who died after police say he was left in a hot car for about seven hours. A grand jury indicted Harris on multiple charges, including malice murder, felony murder and cruelty to children. The malice murder charge indicates that prosecutors believe that Harris intentionally left his son Cooper in the hot car to die.

Justin Ross Harris 5

Ross faces life in prison plus 40 years behind bars.

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Strange Lights Spotted Over St. Louis ENHANCED VIDEO

Malcolm W. Martin Memorial Park, which offers one of the best views of the St. Louis Gateway Arch, released an amazing UFO display staff caught on security cameras.

A video was posted on the park’s Facebook page Wednesday morning showing a strange light moving across the sky during a thunderstorm early Tuesday morning.

STRANGE Lights Spotted In Over St. Louis Arch ENHANCED

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KS Manhunt On For Killer Of 5 People In Two States

A large manhunt is underway in Kansas City, KS, for Pablo Antonio Serrano-Vitorino, who is suspected of killing five people in two states.

The fifth victim was located hundreds of miles away from the original crime scene, authorities say.

Pablo Antonio Serrano-Vitorino mugshot

Investigators are looking for 36-year-old Pablo Antonio Serrano-Vitorino. His vehicle was located abandoned on Interstate 70 near Montgomery County, MO. Continue reading

GRAND JURY: No Charges For Officers In Fatal Shooting Of Tamir Rice

A grand jury decided not to indict a Cleveland police officer or his partner for their roles in the fatal shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice.

Rice, a black youngster, was holding what turned out to be a realistic pellet gun.


Patrolman Timothy Loehmann fatally shot Tamir Rice within two seconds of a police cruiser driven by Frank Garmback skidding to a stop near the boy in November 2014. Continue reading

Missouri Authorities To FBI: Middle Eastern Men Asked Questions About Local Dam

The sheriff’s office in Camden County, Missouri, alerted the FBI to a report of “Middle Eastern” men asking questions about a local dam.

Police said the incident took place around two weeks ago at a Golden Corral in Osage Beach.

Bagnell Dam 2

A deputy was eating lunch and a wait staff told him that the men men were asking about Bagnell Dam, wondering if they could rent a boat and tour it. The dam is considered a legitimate tourist attraction, with people from around the world coming to see it, Lake News noted. Continue reading

Secret Service ‘Sorry’ After Making Hundreds Of Kids With Cancer Leave WH Park

The Secret Service has said “sorry,” after moving hundreds of child cancer patients and their parents out of the park across from the White House, so President Barack Obama could be driven to an event nearby.

An agency spokesman apologised after bum-rushing the group, which numbered 700 and had a permit, during an awareness-raising event and candlelight vigil, while the President was being transported by motorcade.

secret service children cancer park Lafayette Park 2

The Secret Service did not comment on why the closure for this particular travel was so lengthy, but did apologize: Continue reading

Immaculate Conception! Captive Snake Gives Birth Without Help Of Male

A snake kept alone in captivity has given birth in southeast Missouri. There are no other known reports of the same breed accomplishing the same task.

The Missouri Department of Conservation says a female yellow-bellied water snake reproduced on her own without the help of a male companion.

female yellow-bellied water snake

Missouri Conservation Department herpetologist Jeff Briggler said virgin births are a process called parthenogenesis. The conservation department said there are no other documented cases of parthenogenesis by a yellow-bellied water snake. Continue reading

‘Becky’ Rapper Plies BODY SLAMMED Off Stage By Disgruntled Fan [VIDEO]

Becky” rapper, Plies was body slammed off of the stage by a fan who thought he was being humiliated by the performer.

Plies was rapping Friday night in Tallahassee, FL when he invited the fan on stage – and that’s when things turned violent.

Plies body slammed

The fan got way too close to Plies. You hear the rapper warn the guy he’s in his space, and then the fan snaps Continue reading

Man Booted From Southwest Plane Over Comedy Central T-Shirt

New York college student, Daniel Podolsky, was booted off a Southwest Airlines flight over a Comedy Central t-shirt he wearing that depicted a curse word.  Podolsky was gifted the garment at SXSW which promots the network’s new show, “Broad F***ing City” .

Podolsky found himself stranded in St. Louis Monday after a flight attendant requested he remove what they had deemed, offensive apparel.

Daniel Podolsky southwest t shirt 2

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