WATCH: WA Convenience Store Owner Gets 8 YEARS Prison Over Shoplifter Shooting

Seattle, WA., Quickmart convenience store owner, Min Kim, will spend over eight years in prison over his shooting of a shoplifter. The shooting came about a month after Kim’s wife was shot in a similar Spanaway store robbery.

Kim had earlier pleaded guilty to shooting Jakeel Mason in the back after he caught him shoplifting at the convenience store.

Prosecutors say Kim shot Mason two times in the back after the two fought and Mason took off running. Mason’s death came just more than a month after Kim’s wife was shot during a robbery at the store.

“I did not have right to take Mr. Mason’s life, or anyone else’s life. I feel terrible that I did so and will have to live with that for the rest of my life,” Kim said during the trial. Continue reading

Who Is Allen Ivanov? And Why Did He Kill 3 At A Seattle House Party?

Allen Ivanov, is said to be a “scorned lover,” which is believed the reason the young tech genius killed three people at a house party in an upscale Seattle suburb. There were approximately a few dozen people in the dwelling at the time of the attack.

Authorities say that Ivanov, 19, began shooting at the party after breaking up with one of the persons attending. He then fled the scene and was arrested over 100 miles away in Lewis County.

Allen Ivanov photos

Ivanov had just broken up with one of the victims in the shooting, according to Susan Gemmer, the grandmother to one of the attendees of the party, who was speaking to Q13 Fox. Continue reading

This is The Man Suspected Of Cutting Off Ingrid Lyne Head Found In Recycling Bin

Ingrid Lyne, mother of three, went out on a date to a Seattle Mariners game with John Charlton, a man she met online. A day later her remains were found in a recycling bin.

Authorities announced that Charlton, 37, was arrested in connection with the death of Lyne, 40, who was last seen on the night of April 8 when she went out on a date with Charlton to a baseball game.

John Charlton

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Lyne Was Identified After Her Head Was Found in a Recycling Bin

Several of Ingrid Lyne’s body parts were found inside of recycling bin on April 9. The Seattle Times reports that her head was found in the recycling bin in the Central District of the city. Continue reading

Johnny Manziel Shows Up To Practice Intoxicated, Likely Fired

Cleveland Browns‘ QB Johnny Manziel, has been permanently benched after reportedly showing up to practice inebriated.

Manziel, aka Johnny Football, was spotted partying at a Vegas casino the night before a game according to a report by the USA Today.

Johnny-Manziel fired

@TonyGrossi says Manziel showed up at facility this week, “Disheveled and inebriated.” Continue reading

Honduras Catches 5 Syrians On Way To U.S. With Stolen Greek Passports

Five Syrians have been charged with falsifying documents after Honduras caught them trying to enter the Central American country using stolen Greek passports.

A Honduran law enforcement spokesman said the men were detained on Tuesday at the Tegucigalpa international airport after a heads-up from Interpol. The spokesman said the international organization followed the group from Syria, to Lebanon and Turkey, then on to Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica and Honduras.

Syrians fake passports Honduras

Officials are downplaying the incident, saying there is no indication that the men were suspected of anything except carrying stolen document Continue reading


The children of California woman, Annalisa Santana, who was killed recently northwest of Seattle in an ice cave collapse, have tragically lost their dad who was shot dead Sunday.

The father, Adrian Cardona of Redlands, was involved in an argument at a tavern in San Bernardino. Management asked him to leave the bar and that’s when he was shot while standing near his car.

Annalisa Santana Adrian Cardona

No arrests have been made. Continue reading


The Seattle Seahawks fired off a controversial tweet that was promptly deleted after the internet blew up in collective fury.

The tweet seemed to compare the team’s win over the Green bay Packers to that of the civil rights movement.

seahawks we will overcome tweet

The caption read , “We shall overcome,” depicting Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson crying Continue reading

Seattle School Evacuated After Student Brings Molotov Cocktail

A 16-year-old is in custody after bringing a “Molotov cocktail” to school.

The teen brought the incendiary device to the Center School, located in the Seattle Center’s Center House, according to the Seattle School District.

Seattle Center school evacuated bomb

Students reported the firebomb to school officials who then evacuated the premises as a precaution. Continue reading

High School Gunman From ‘Prominent Family’ Crowned Homecoming Prince

The Washington gunman, identified as student Jaylen Fryberg, was crowned freshman class Homecoming Prince only two weeks before going on a shooting rampage..

All that positive attention didn’t stop Fryberg from calmly walking into his Marysville-Pilchuck High School and opening fire, killing one person and shooting several others in the head before turning the gun on himself, including some his family members..

Jaylen Fryberg 2

Two of the four teens shot were cousins of Fryberg, and “closer than brothers” according to family members.

Continue reading