An 11-mile stretch of Russian beaches were invaded by a strange and wonderful sight, thousands of naturally formed snowballs.

Locals in the Gulf of Ob, in northwest Siberia, awoke to a huge collection of snowballs, numbering in the thousands with some measuring 3ft across.


The sculptural shapes range from the size of a tennis ball to almost 1m (3ft) across.
They result from a rare environmental process where small pieces of ice form, are rolled by wind and water, and end up as giant snowballs. Locals in the village of Nyda, which lies on the Yamal Peninsula just above the Arctic Circle, say they have never seen anything to compare to them. Russian TV quoted an explanation from Sergei Lisenkov, press secretary of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute: “As a rule, first there is a primary natural phenomenon – sludge ice, slob ice. Continue reading

Clinton Ally Helped FBI Official’s Wife Who Later Oversaw Hillary Email Investigation

VIA WSJ: The political organization of Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, an influential Democrat with longstanding ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton, gave nearly $500,000 to the election campaign of the wife of an official at the Federal Bureau of Investigation who later helped oversee the investigation into Mrs. Clinton’s email use.

Campaign finance records show Mr. McAuliffe’s political-action committee donated $467,500 to the 2015 state Senate campaign of Dr. Jill McCabe, who is married to Andrew McCabe, now the deputy director of the FBI.


The Virginia Democratic Party, over which Mr. McAuliffe exerts considerable control, donated an additional $207,788 worth of support to Dr. McCabe’s campaign in the form of mailers, according to the records. That adds up to slightly more than $675,000 to her candidacy from entities either directly under Mr. McAuliffe’s control or strongly influenced by him. Continue reading

Vladimir Putin 2017 Calendar Shows SOFTER SIDE Of The Macho Russian President

The Vladimir Putin admin has issued an amusing 2017 calendar that feature the strongman posing in a range of settings, including riding a horse, smelling flowers and cuddling a furry kitty cat!

Putin, 64, is known as a macho and strict leader, but by the looks of his new state issued calendar, you’d think he was just a big softie! We want!


The Russian leader showed that even he has a soft side, as he was snapped posing with a child in ski wear, sitting thoughtfully in a tree and lighting a candle with a Russian Orthodox minister. …Vladimir Putin calendar sees him smelling flowers and cuddling dogs
Continue reading

SHAME On YOU YAHOO! Secretly Searched All Customers’ Incoming Emails

Yahoo Inc stinks.. After it has come to light the company secretly built a custom software program to search all of its customers’ incoming emails for specific information provided by U.S. intelligence officials last year.

According to people familiar with the matter, Yahoo agreed to conduct a classified U.S. government directive, scanning hundreds of millions of Yahoo Mail accounts for the NSA or FBI, said two former employees and a third person apprised of the events.

yahoo-facebook-1Some surveillance experts said this represents the first case to surface of a U.S. Internet company agreeing to a spy agency’s demand by searching all arriving messages, as opposed to examining stored messages or scanning a small number of accounts in real time. Continue reading

LEAKED DOCS: Serena Williams Tested POSITIVE For Banned Substances Allowed To Play

A Russian hacking group that is claiming to have accessed the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) database, is now alleging that tennis superstars, Serena and Venus Williams, as well as four-time Rio Olympics gold medallist gymnast, Simone Biles, were allowed to consume banned substances.

The hacking site, Fancy Bears, leaked dozens of files allegedly relating to United States athletes on the internet. WADA confirmed the hack in a statement.

serena williams bikini close up

The statement on Wada’s website read: “The group accessed athlete data, including confidential medical data – such as Therapeutic Use Exemptions delivered by International Sports Federations Continue reading

Has Edward Snowden Been MURDERED? Mysterious Code May Have Been KILL SWITCH

A few days ago we told you, whistleblower, Edward Snowden had tweeted out a mysterious series of letters and numbers. And now some speculate the “cryptic code” was actually a “dead man’s switch,” intended to catalyze some action or instruction on behalf of Snowden should he be killed or captured.

Since the above mentioned tweet and another tweet that simply read “it’s time,” Snowden’s account has gone silent prompting more speculation the former NSA employee may have met his demise.

snowden drop box facebook

The whistleblower has acknowledged that he has distributed encrypted files to journalists and associates that have not yet been released so in Snowden’s case, the dead man’s switch could be an encryption key for those files Continue reading

Man Who Served Debbie Wasserman Schultz Legal Papers In Youtube Video FOUND DEAD

Shawn Lucas, the man who served Debbie Wasserman Schultz legal papers depicted on a Youtube video, (see video below,) has been found dead. His cause of death is unknown at this time.

Lucas served Schultz, the former chairperson of the Democrat National Committee who was forced to resign over leaked DNC emails, papers at the DNC headquarters in Washington D.C. in a class action lawsuit filed on behalf of Sen. Bernie Sanders supporters against the Democrat party.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz shawn lucas

In Clintonesque fashion, one of the men that served the papers in the class action lawsuit, Sanders supporter Shawn Lucas, was found dead this week by his girlfriend, according to Snopes. Lucas’ death follows a string of deaths surrounding the Democrats. Continue reading

LIVE SKY NEWS: Turkish Military Seizes Control Of Country News Outlets CNN Turk

The Turkish military claims to have “fully seized control” of the country. At least one explosion has reportedly hit the parliament in Ankara.

Soldiers stormed Turkey’s division of CNN, forcing presenters to flee. Men claiming to be military soldiers took over Turkey’s state broadcaster TRT and read a statement live on air announcing that a coup is under way.

cnn turk Turkish military

The statement said the country, a NATO member, is now being run by a “peace council”. It declared that martial law and a nationwide curfew are in place. h/t skynews Continue reading

Steven Seagal Named Head Of California NRA

The NRA has just appointed a kick ass new director, martial artist and actor, Steven Seagal.

The Above The Law star and animal activist is also known for his friendship with Vladimir Putin. Seagal once referred to Putin as “one of the great living world leaders”.

Steven Seagal Vladimir Putin

“All my life I’ve had a profound appreciation for the freedoms that America offers.
That includes the right to keep and bear arms,” Seagal wrote in an introductory message to the organization. Continue reading