PICTURED: SC Woman Killed On Interstate 80 By Utah Truck Driver

The following is a booking photo of Ashley Michelle Mathews, the woman killed in an Interstate 80 crash in south-central Wyoming on Sunday. The family has not yet confirmed this is the same Mathews, however, an investigation conducted by has concluded it is likely the same female.

Mathews, 26, was killed after Chad Henderson, 50, of Layton, Utah, smashed into a pickup truck on the shoulder of Interstate 80 in south-central Wyoming. He has since been charged Wednesday with aggravated homicide by vehicle and aggravated assault and battery. He did not enter a plea.

Prosecutors say Mathews died the next day of injuries suffered in the crash while 30-year-old Christopher Albert Burton (pictured below,) of Greenville, South Carolina, suffered a fractured vertebra. Continue reading

[PHOTO] This is the French Terror Truck Driver

This is Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, the man who mowed down crowds of innocent people after a fireworks show In the affluent city of Nice.

The photo appeared on an ID card bearing Bouhlel’s name. The terrorist killed at least 84 people celebrating Bastille Day in France.

Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel

Police found documents belonging to Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, a 31-year-old French man of Tunisian descent, in the truck which ploughed through crowds in Nice.

Anti-terror officers then raided his home and arrested his ex-wife is in connection with the terror attack.

Bouhlel was known to officers for common law crimes such as theft and violence but reportedly had no known connections with extremists. H/t mirror

New Lakers Guard FATHER MURDERED In Philly

New Lakers guard and former Dallas Mavericks star, Wayne Ellington has lost his father after he was murdered in Philadelphia.

The rest of the Los Angeles team is rallying around him in his time of grief.

Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Lakers

Ellington’s father was killed Sunday night. The Lakers say they’ve given Wayne an indefinite leave of absence while he copes with the tragedy.  Continue reading