Family In Shock After Bodybuilder 21 Dies Shortly After Contracting Flu

The family and friends of an amature budybuilder are mourning his untimely death after he lost a battle with the season’s flu strain.

Kyler Baughman, 21, was a fitness nut who was working and going to school like any normal young man, that is until he came down with the flu while visiting his parents for the holidays.

“He was into physical fitness,” said his mother, Beverly Baughman. “He was going to school to be a personal trainer.”

But when he came to visit for the holidays, he wasn’t looking like he was in peak condition.

“We saw him the 23rd for our family Christmas get-together and we noticed he wasn’t feeling well,” Beverly said. “He looked rundown and had a bit of a snotty nose.” He celebrated with family again Christmas night, and returned to work Tuesday, but he came home early, because he wasn’t feeling well. “He kinda just laid down and went about his day and that was the day he was coughing and said his chest hurt, he had a mild cough,” said his fiancée Olivia Marcanio. “I think he thought, ‘I just got the flu, I’ll be alright. I’ll go rest a little bit,'” Beverly said. Continue reading