Justin Bieber Ariana Grande SMOKING A BLUNT???

They grow up so fast! Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande pictured SMOKING a BLUNT! Justin’s people are not disputing the fact the young singer loves weed, but, Ariana Grande people are saying it’s not even her! But it looks a lot like her! You’ve got to conclude she is mixed up with drugs.. Now that’s breaking news!

justin bieber grande blunt

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Jenna Jameson Loses Kids

Train wreak Jenna Jameson is reportedly so messed up that her kids were taken away and placed under the sole care of their father, Tito Ortiz. Says tmz. I am slightly confused because the gossip site did not mention if the kids were legally removed or if Jenna is just MIA and Tito is simply forced to take care of the kids..


Sources close to Jenna told Harvey that Tito Ortiz had major concerns about Jenna’s ability to care for their 4-year-old twin boys.

Adult Star Jenna Jameson ARRESTED Battery

Jenna Jameson is officially a very trouble person again getting arrested this time for battery. The adult super star was arrested and charged with battery on Saturday night in Newport Beach, California. reports gossipcop.Jenna_Jamephoto

Witnesses said, Jenna got into a car wreck and then attempted to batter the individual operating the other involved vehicle. Jameson was put under “citizen’s arrest” until the police arrived and took her into custody. Continue reading