Teen Girl Obsessed with Looking Like a Doll

A 15-year-old girl who making waves on various news sites right now, is getting so much attention, because she simply looks like a plastic ‘living doll’.

This ‘living doll’ girl, who goes by the name of “Venus Angelic”, does not only make herself resemble a “modern ball-jointed doll” which is a popular doll in Japan, she even tries to talk like a Japanese person.

Angelic, who lives in London, England, makes ‘beauty tutorial’ videos on YouTube, and likes to share her ‘doll’ secrets with fans’, showing them ‘how they can look like a doll too’!…

“Kate Plus 8” Kate Gosselin Putting Out Christmas Record!

Run for your life! Cover your ears to prevent them from bleeding!!!

Kate and 8

Kate Plus 8’s Kate Gosselin said that she wants to put out a Christmas record that she will be singing on! She also wants her 8 kids to sing on the record, which is going to be somewhat of a relief. Phew. At least the sound waves won’t be completely clogged up with a screeching puke fest of Kate’s voice. There will be pleasant children singing holy Christmas melodies.…