Daughter Masterfully Photoshops Herself Into Mom’s Youth

Danielle Delph did a great job of photoshopping herself into a bunch of photo’s of her mom from her youth.

Danielle had always wondered if she and her mother would be best friends if they had grown up together, and that’s when she got the idea to photoshop herself into her mom’s vintage photos.

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Justin Bieber MOTHER Appears On Huckabee


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Teen Girl Obsessed with Looking Like a Doll

A 15-year-old girl who making waves on various news sites right now, is getting so much attention, because she simply looks like a plastic ‘living doll’.

This ‘living doll’ girl, who goes by the name of “Venus Angelic”, does not only make herself resemble a “modern ball-jointed doll” which is a popular doll in Japan, she even tries to talk like a Japanese person.

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“Kate Plus 8” Kate Gosselin Putting Out Christmas Record!

Run for your life! Cover your ears to prevent them from bleeding!!!

Kate and 8

Kate Plus 8’s Kate Gosselin said that she wants to put out a Christmas record that she will be singing on! She also wants her 8 kids to sing on the record, which is going to be somewhat of a relief. Phew. At least the sound waves won’t be completely clogged up with a screeching puke fest of Kate’s voice. … Continue Reading Post