NFL Murder Suicide: Girlfriend Told Chiefs Player ‘YOU’RE NOT THE FATHER’ Before Shooting

Before Kansas City Chief’s player Jovan Belcher shot his girlfriend dead she told him he was not the father of their baby daughter.

Belecher’s mom, Cheryl Shepherd, from Long Island, said her son argued with his girlfriend over the paternity of their three-month-old daughter — right before the murder suicide — she witnessed at her son’s home in Missouri.

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Belcher kissed her dying body and their baby daughter goodbye before he left to kill himself in front of KC coaching staff.

New York Post reports a source saying, “The mother believed that there was an issue over whether [Belcher] was the father. She said he believed he wasn’t necessarily the father of the child,” something that KC cops confirmed, “She told police there was a question about the paternity.”

MOM TO COPS: ‘My Sons Is About To Commit Mass Murder At Twilight Movie’

The Twilight franchise may have dodged a bullet today, literally, as a Missouri mom foiled her son’s plans to shoot-up the local theater’s Sunday showing of Twilight…

Blaec Lammers, 20, remained held on $500,000 bond Saturday after his mass murder plot was uncovered by a phone call from his mother to police.

article twiilight 1116 MOM TO COPS: My Sons Is About To Commit Mass Murder At Twilight Movie

The homicidal Missouri man planned to “slaughter viewers watching the Twilight movie” and then changed his mind focusing on a local Walmart to “ratchet up the death toll.”

Lammers told his mother he has aspirations to be like James Joker Holmes, the man killed 12 people and wounded 58 at a showing of Batman.

Once he fired off his 400 bullets into folks at the Walmart, Lammers told cops, he intended to “break the glass where the ammunition is being stored and get some more and keep shooting until police arrived.”

He hoped to fatally stab a Walmart worker as part of his dirty deed.

Lammers was charged with making a terroristic threat and armed criminal action. The suspect, who was receiving treatment for a mental illness, was locked up in the Polk County jail.

Sarah Palin Wears Tight ‘Superman T’ To Small Town BBQ

Yesterday, Sarah Palin crashed the “Steelman Surge BBQ and Picnic” in Cleveland, MO, to support Sarah Steelman, who is in Tuesday’s Republican primary for Missouri’s U.S. Senate seat.
SarahPalinsupermant1 Sarah Palin Wears Tight Superman T To Small Town BBQ
The distracting event featured a tight Superman T-Shirt, worn by Palin, as well as speeches by Palin and Steelman.
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