Southaven Family Says Bullying Prompted Suicide Death Of 6th Grade MS Boy

Andy Leach has been named as the Southaven, Mississippi youth found dead in an apparent suicide.

Members of the Leach family are speaking out, saying that the boy’s death occurred after he endoured bullying at Southaven Middle School located at 899 Rasco Road, Southaven, MS 38671.

12-year-old Andy hanged himself Tuesday. He was buried Friday. His parents Matthew Leach and Cheryl Hudson say Andy was bullied for months by classmates at Southaven Middle School where he was a 6th grader. Continue reading

Mississippi Cops Respond To Wrong Home Shoot Dead Man And His Dog

The Southaven district attorney is saying police who shot and killed a man and his dog may have responded to the wrong address.

Law enforcement in Tate County were responding to a call of a domestic assault of a woman in the 5800 block of Surrey Lane in Southaven, Mississippi, when the fatal shooting of Ismael Lopez occurred.

Tate County police say when they arrived a pitbull darted from the residence. After shooting the dog dead, police gained access to the home where they then shot Lopez dead. Continue reading

Cop Voids Speeding Ticket After Man Does This

Mississippi state trooper, Jason Ales voided a speeding ticket he had just issued after the man surprised him by asking if he was ‘doing okay’.

Mike Powers from Gallatin, Tenn., asked the trooper the tender question after he had been ticketed, and the officer was so touched, he cut Powers loose. Powers then presented trooper Ales with a hand carved bracelet. A bromance was born.


Powers said as he was rushing to make a work appointment last Wednesday in Mississippi, an officer pulled him over for speeding. Continue reading

Woman Who Celebrated Gunned Down Cops On Facebook FIRED

Sierra McCurdy, the Subway Sandwich employee who celebrated the horrific shooting deaths of two police officers in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, has been justly fired.

McCurdy posted the unthinkable message “got em!” to her Facebook followers saturday night. And she also posted threats of “Baltimore”-style rioting and more cop-killings in the area:

Sierra McCurdy facebook

We can turn this bitch into Baltimore real quick. Police take away innocent people lives everyday now & get away w/ it, f**k them…NO MERCY! h/t toprightnews

McCurdy’s post is a chilling reminder as to just how many American are in the mindset that the murder of a police officer is worthy of a party.

After the backlash against McCurdy started pouring in, she tried to delete the offence postings and to change her name and privacy level on her Facebook account, but it was too late, the internet discovered where she worked and demanded she be fired, the owners of the Subway franchise agreed.


Anonymous: We’ve Uncovered EVIDENCE In Jessica Chambers Murder Case

The group of hackers known as, Anonymous has announced that they are getting involved in the Jessica Chambers murder case.

Chambers is the young girl found burning alive near a rural road in Mississippi.

Jessica Chambers 1

Anonymous claims that the police were ill-prepared to handle such a high-profile case; Continue reading

Woman Who Sent RICIN To Obama Bloomberg SENTENCED 18 YEARS

Shannon Richardson, the attractive woman who mailed letters laced with deadly ricin the White House and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, was sentenced Wednesday to 18 years in federal prison.

Richardson, 36, of Texas, admitted that she ordered supplies in her husband’s name, made a form of the toxin and sent the letters in May 2013, all in an effort to frame him.

Shannon Richardson 3

Suspicion soon turned to her when the statements she made to investigators were inconsistent.

The letters sent to President Obama and Bloomberg’s New York office were intercepted at off-site mail screening facilities. Continue reading

MOTHER: Daycare Worker Gave My Toddler HERPES

Consuela Smith, an Oklahoma mother, claims her one-year-old daughter contracted a severe case of oral herpes from a daycare teacher.

Smith says her daughter experiences pain day and night after contracting the communicable disease at the ChildTime daycare center.

Consuela Smith herpes 4

“She started getting blisters all around her mouth and bleeding.” Consulea says she immediately took her to the doctor. Continue reading

Bobby Brown FAILS To Finish Song Keels Over In EXHAUSTION *VIDEO

Bobby Brown performing with his old group New Edition, could hardly finish the routine and appeared to need oxygen.

Brown performed in Mississippi last week and was so out of shape he stopped dancing, mid-song, bent over, and held his knees in apparent exhaustion.

Bobby Brown Breathless

Watch the video closely, Bobby starts off OK … but then skips a move altogether. Continue reading