Likas Yaman ng Mindanao

The natural resources (referred to in economics as land resources , land or raw materials ) are naturally develop in environments with less disturbed man, in a natural form. Characteristics often attribute natural resources to the size of biological diversity inherent in different ecosystems.

The land of the Philippines is fertile even when it’s mountainous. The mountain ranges have dense forests that prevent floods and landslides. It also has vast plains. The largest is your middle eastern plains and the plains of Mindanao. Scientists believe that if the rugged way of planting will be used in these plains, the crop will meet the needs of the country. Our country also has wide and abundant valleys, like the Cagayan Valley. It also has an abundance of cliffs located in Bukidnon. Many hills are located in different parts of the archipelago. Lower mountains located on the edges of the island serve as land for shepherding.

Mindanao is known as “The Land of the Promise”. It is the second largest archipelago in the Philippines. Each region has its own natural resources located. Mindanao is one of the largest forest areas and has the largest number of trees. Luzon follows Mindanao and follows Bisaya and Palawan in Luzon. Continue reading