PICTURED: AL Man Arrested On “Attempted Murder” In LSU Heroin Overdose

Joshua Brian has been named as the man arrested for attempted second degree murder after another man was found in the bathroom of LSU Digital Media Center with symptoms of a heroin overdose.

Brian, 33, of Greenwell Springs, Alabama, was taken into custody on charges of attempted second degree murder and other felony drug charges.

The probable cause report says:

Approximately, ten (10) minutes later the white male suspect is seen coming from the restroom area in a frantic state. The suspect appears to have a lost sense of direction, the suspect goes outside and then re-entered back later and rushes up the stairwell in the direction of the building used by EA Sports employees.
According to LSUPD, detectives captured screenshots from the surveillance footage and contacted the EA Sports staff at the Digital Media Center. source

Brian was subsequently charged with attempted second degree murder, possession of a schedule II drug, and possession of a legend drug.