Lil Wayne and Superhead are at war.. According to a leaked text message.. Superhead released personal text messages Wayne penned, in a desperate effort to save relationship face.

karrine andco lil wayne tweet SUPER SCORNED: Superhead LEAKS Lil Wayne TEXT MESSAGES

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Weezy says SH was just a port in a storm, only docking the scorned woman every 6 months or so.

lil wayne leaked text SUPER SCORNED: Superhead LEAKS Lil Wayne TEXT MESSAGES

Wayne cut her off and now Superhead is leaking their personal business all over the internets..


Paris Hilton Lil Wayne Music Video ”Good Time” BAD BAD BAD .. EPIC BAD BAD

If there is one thing that Paris Hilton was always “okay” at, other than being a whore, it was her music.. Remember that fun song from a million years ago that you really liked? Keep that memory because Hilton just coffin nailed her last shred of hope for a lasting career in the entertainment business by releasing the most embarrassingly BAD music video – ever.. We’re talking epic bad that only big money and no talent can buy..

paris hilton music Paris Hilton Lil Wayne Music Video Good Time BAD BAD BAD .. EPIC BAD BAD Continue reading

Justin’s NEW WOMAN Flies ”AIR BIEBER” To Attend Mayweather Fight

Justin Bieber ballin hard, flying out his new woman, Jacque Rae Pyles to Las Vegas on his private jet to attend the Floyd Mayweather Jr. title fight.. The couple were inseparable all night..

justin bieber flys jacques to las vegas gsi lead 1 Justins NEW WOMAN Flies AIR BIEBER To Attend Mayweather Fight

Justin Bieber doesn’t let just anyone fly with him on a private jet, so after ex-girlfriend Jacque Rae Pyles was spotted getting off the plane with Justin in Las Vegas on Sept. 14, the possibility for a rekindled romance is higher than ever.

tumblr mt5oaqUz771qhft5ko1 500 Justins NEW WOMAN Flies AIR BIEBER To Attend Mayweather Fight


 Justins NEW WOMAN Flies AIR BIEBER To Attend Mayweather Fight


tumblr mt5efyWr0F1qhft5ko1 500 Justins NEW WOMAN Flies AIR BIEBER To Attend Mayweather Fight

America’s Most Wanted CANCELED! Bad Guys Take Note!

Wait, how can this be? I thought America’s Most Wanted was required viewing for all Americans, like Cops, I guess not! Does the end of this show equal a free pass to all the outstanding criminals? The long running crime fighting TV show is finally coming to an unceremonious end with Lifetime choosing not to renew…, the online bible of showbiz announced the axing – citing poor ratings, less than 800,000 an episode. But is that the Walsh’s fault or Lifetime’s fault? Where was the promo?

Americas most wanted Americas Most Wanted CANCELED! Bad Guys Take Note!

America’s Most Wanted‘s new lease on life at Lifetime is coming to an end. Lifetime has opted not to pick up additional episodes of Josh Walsh’s crime-fighting series. The cancellation was mostly a formality since the last new episode of AMW aired five and a half months ago. It drew a paltry 800,000 viewers. Lifetime is staying in business with Walsh, developing a pilot with him. According to TVGuide, which first reported on the cancellation, the new project is tentatively titled John Walsh Investigates and takes a different approach to Walsh’s ongoing crime fighting and victims’ advocacy work. Lifetime stepped in after Fox cancelled AMW as a regular series in 2011 after 24 seasons (The broadcast network still airs quarterly specials.) Lifetime picked up 24 episodes, followed by an order for another 20 episodes. AMW has helped in the capture 1,202 fugitives worldwide.

I think this is kind of a travesty! But this is coming from someone who was not even aware that AMW had moved to Lifetime Network! But anyway! Think the Twinkie! Are we really ready to let all this go?

Another Celebrity Seizure! ‘I Hate College’ Rapper Collapses On Stage

Sammy Adams, the guy behind the hit songs “Driving Me Crazy” and “I Hate College” joins a lengthening list of celebrities who have experenced a recent seizure. I have need noting every time a famous person falls victim to some bad cocaine floating about tinsel town.sammy adams all night longer Another Celebrity Seizure! I Hate College Rapper Collapses On Stage

TMZ reports that last weekend during a concert in New Jersey, the rapper collapsed in a shaking mess prompting an all-out medical emergency.

Adams was performing at Six Flags Great Adventure last Saturday for a Hurricane Sandy benefit concert when he suddenly became discombobulated and fell to the ground, shaking. Stage hands rushed to his aid — and Adams was subsequently taken to an ambulance. It’s unclear exactly what happened, but soon after the incident, Adams tweeted that he was okay and just felt under the weather. We reached out to Adams for comment — so far, no word back. According to his website, Adams is scheduled to perform again next week.

I am again warning all celebrities… There is some bad coke out there that is causing you idiots to get sick! Kelly Osborne, Lil Wayne, Tracy Morgan, Demi Moore, Carnie Wilson, and many, many more – who lived to tell the tale! Some where not so lucky!

Carnie Wilson Face Paralyzed In ANOTHER Mystery Celebrity Illness

Add Carnie Wilson to a long list of celebrities experiencing some kind of mystery medical emergency or condition. After rapper, Lil Wayne, only just got released from Los Angeles hospital, Carney’s come out in the press detailing her battle with the paralyzing disease, Bell’s Palsy.

Carnie Wilson Reveals Nerve Disorder I Have Bell s Palsy 2 Carnie Wilson Face Paralyzed In ANOTHER Mystery Celebrity Illness

So what is Bell’s Palsy? Well I only know because my brother experienced the nerve disorder after getting walloped with a hard ball to the side of the face – and though forms of facial paralysis are not fully understood or explained, it can also occur in conjunction with other head trama, like, believe it or not, heavy cocaine use.

After developing the condition, Carney talked about it on Twitter,

“Just wanted you all 2 know that I have Bell’s Palsy on side of face right now. Scary, unfortunate, but it goes away. A challenge! Love u, I’m having such challenges right now – I’m praying for peace, health, order and serenity. Love everyone’s tweets back to me. Luv u allxxxx.”

Luckily, the condition is only temporary,

“12 days out of Bell’s and doing much better! All your wishes have warmed my heart & it’s making me heal faster! Yay!!,” said Carney.Remember I go public because its gonna help someone else with same thing!! BTW- I had it on my rt side 14yrs ago!” Carnie added.

Well Carney, IF you really want to help others, why not also explain the dangers of drugs?


Tone Loc collapsed whilst rapping in concert in downtown Des Moines Saturday, abruptly ending the show, attendees said. Loc’s reported “seizure” came on the heels of fellow rapper’s well publicized seizures, Lil Wayne.


Several employees from the local newspaper, Des Moines Register said Tone Loc finished a song and then went to the ground. The road crew rushed to the fallen rapper’s side as fans were ushered out of the venue. The show was shut down and refunds will not be issued.

The photo below shows Loc before he bit the dust in Florida last year.

tone loc collapses florida seizure1 ANOTHER RAPPER HOSPITALIZED AFTER SEIZURES

The seriousness of the incident was not known and Loc’s current condition remains a mystery but this definitely qualifies him for a spot in our celebrity seizure club!