Lewiston ME Man Under Federal Investigation ID’d As Decomposing Body Found In Rockport

The man whose badly decomposed body was found by a hunter in Rockport last week has been identified as Kevin Mitchell, according to police.

45-year-old Mitchell, of Lewiston, Maine, was the subject of a felony investigation and there were warrants for his arrest for gross sexual assault, according to police.

His body was found about 500 yards in the woods off Mt. Pleasant Road last Thursday.

His vehicle was found abandoned in Union in May. Continue reading

Hebron Woman Shot Dead In Maine Hunting Accident Identified

Family members and friends of Karen Wrentzel, of Hebron, took to social media to remember her after she was named as the victim of a Saturday hunting accident. She was 34.

Wrentzel, of Greenwood Mountain Road, was on her property when she was shot and killed, a family member said on Facebook.

Wrentzel’s uncle said in a Facebook post ‘at the very least I can say that you passed doing something you enjoyed… Digging around for rocks, in the side of a mountain, made out of rocks’. Wrentzel’s uncle told News Center she was digging for rocks and gems at the time of the incident. Continue reading

WA Teens Face 5 Years After Misdemeanor Pot Law Turns Felony

It may now be legal to smoke medical marijuana as an adult in Washington State, but a sneaky new law has made it a serious felony charge for youths caught with the green stuff.

The offense for persons under 21 was previously a slap on the wrist misdemeanor with a maximum 90-day jail sentence, but now under the new law, youths can get up to five years in prison, while forever being branded a felon.

marijuana law wa

A prosecutor in southeastern Washington has charged three teens with felonies for marijuana possession, saying a new law demands the higher level of offense. Continue reading