Lamar Odom Emerges From Rehab Stint “I Haven’t Talked To Kourtney In A While”

A few hours after exiting a successful 35-day stay at a rehab facilitation, Lamar Odom was caught by a TMZ photog for a round of street Q&A. When asked “what’s next,” the former Laker said he may have a new reality TV show in the works. Chances are the new show won’t have anything to do with the Kardashians because when the stalker pap asked if the baller had talked to anyone in the K Klub, his answer was, “not in a while,” including Kourtney Kardashian, his ex-wife,

Odom was caught on camera while on a Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills shopping spree mere hours after concluding a month long rehab stint at a San Diego rehab facility. When asked, Odon said his recent treatment was “life-changing.”

Odom completed a 35 day stint at a San Diego treatment center on Thursday and immediately hit up Beverly Hills to celebrate with a mini-shopping spree. He looked and sounded great — and touted the rehab experience as “life-changing.” We also asked about the Kardashians and his ex-wife, Khloe — and Lamar told us things are as cool as they can be with his former in-laws. Continue reading

Doctors: Odom Had Virtually Every Drug Imaginable In System

There are varying reports on Lamar Odom‘s current condition after what is being called an “accidental overdose,” while visiting Nevada. But one thing is for sure, the former NBA star seems hopelessly addicted to a variety of dangerous drugs.

Doctors connected to Odom’s care, say he lay in a coma after being found with evidence of binging on crack cocaine, opioids and “virtually every drug imaginable.”

lamar odom overdose nevada

The hospital source had told E! News earlier in the day that it was likely Odom had suffered an accidental overdose Continue reading