FL Moms Arrested After Overdosing On Heroin In Vehicle With Infants In Back Seat

Authorities said they found two Florida moms inside an SUV overdosing on heroin as their two babies were seated behind them in the back seat.

As a 1-month-old and a 2-month-old watched on, Kristen O’Connor and June Schweinhart snorted heroin in the vehicle. The women met in drug rehab and bonded because they were both pregnant and had the same due date.

Police said they believe on Thursday, the two relapsed together, snorting heroin in an SUV with their babies in the back seat. Continue reading

So Who Did American Idol Send Home Tonight?

It was an old fashion American Idol blood bath tonight as Hollywood week says goodbye to several contestants.

idol 2014 american
So who went home?

After what seemed like a decade, finally the big moment arrived. Tonight, February 27, Kristen O’Connor was sent packing after the judges decided to pass on using their one save for the season. Continue reading