Backstreet Boys NEW SONG! ”One Phone Call”

Listen to the Backstreet Boys new track! It is the second single off their upcoming album, “In A World Like This!” It is called “One Phone Call.” The lyrics go, “You’ll always be my one phone call,” So did someone get arrested? Weird but catchy!enhanced buzz 14334 1374441818 2 Backstreet Boys NEW SONG! One Phone Call Continue reading

Man Makes Love To Lioness

Best week ever reports: When Kevin Richardson decided to cool off in the sweltering South African heat he was joined by an unlikely swimming partner – a giant lioness.

But before you fear a bloody ending, don’t… because these two are good friends.

Zoologist and animal behaviourist Kevin, 34, raises and interacts with some of the most dangerous animals known to man.

lion and man take a swim 1 Man Makes Love To Lioness

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