Is Taylor Swift, you know, a gay? According to these pictures of the singer and Karlie Kloss, the answer might be “yes,” sorta.

The pair was attending a 1975 show together in New York City last night, when an audience member snapped photos which appear to show the smooch heard around the world..

Karlie Kloss taylor swift kissing

According to Twitter user @kathyparkk, these images are definitely, without a doubt, capturing Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss “making out.”

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Victoria’s Secret Angel Candice Swanpoel

This year’s Victoria’s Secret Angel bikini cover model of 2012 is – Candice Swanepoel. The blonde bombshell is from South African. Scoring the Swim cover is a huge feather in a model’s cap.

Is this a little unfair to Behati, Miranda and the rest? Well I guess only one woman can win… Candice and the rest of the models (including Karlie Kloss!) posed for the catalog shoot in Turks and Caicos and Miami, snapped by photographer Russell James.

Victoria’s Stereotype? Bikini Model Flaunts Native American Headdress

When will the commercial money grubbers get it through their collective thick skulls that it is totally uncool to whore out Native American feather props in order to try and sell something? Especially something that has nothing at all to do with native Americans… Could it be that someone has discovered that pissing off people somehow equals sales?

The light bulb apparently went off as Victoria’s Secret pulled the outfit from its broadcast and marketing materials.