James Hardy FOUND DEAD Indiana U Football Star Former NFL Player Pulled From River

The body of a former Indiana University and NFL player, James Hardy, was found in a Fort Wayne river on Wednesday.

Hardy, 31, was pulled from the Maumee River on Wednesday. His cause of death has not been released.

Hardy, a native of Fort Wayne, played both basketball and football at Indiana University. He was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in the second round in 2008. He spent two seasons with the Bills before being released by the team in the training camp leading up to the 2010 season. In his career, he appeared in 16 games, caught 10 passes for 96 yards, and had two touchdowns in his rookie season. Continue reading

Indiana College Student DEAD In Malaysia Crash

Karlijn Keijzer, an Indiana University student hailing from Amsterdam was aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17.

All on board are believed dead.

Rowing head shots, 01/14/11_Mike Dickbernd

Keijzer, 25, was a doctoral student in the chemistry department of the university’s College of Arts and Sciences. She had earned her master’s at the school and had been a member of the women’s winning rowing team in 2011. Continue reading

With ALL LETTERS Revealed, Wheel Of Fortune Contestant BLOWS PUZZLE

Remember Emil?


He was the Wheel Of Fortune contestant who had VERY LITTLE help from Vanna during his Bonus Round puzzle, and somehow, someway, guessed correctly. Now meet Julian Batts..

This guy had the slight advantage of having ALL of his Bonus Round letters revealed – but FAILED to make the correct guess..

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CAKE Maker Hears ”CAT” Instead Of ”CAP” Hilarity Ensues

The good thing about a baker’s mistake is that you can eat all of the evidence. But the BEST thing is when you can turn it into a story like this one. Adorably proud mom Carol Gambrel wanted to celebrate her daughter Laura’s college graduation, so she ordered a “face cake” and asked if they’d draw “a little cap” on Laura’s head. But the baker heard the wrong consonant, resulting in the most hilarious mixup this side of a sitcom: Laura was instead given a little cat instead. “When I went to pick it up at the store, I could not stop laughing,” Carol said. “I told them not to scrape it off.” Excellent call, mom! [Source] Continue reading

Police Kill Zombie-Like Man, Naked, Eating Man’s Face, Resisted After Being Shot

Miami cops fatally shot a man who was not only naked but also chewing on the face of another naked man…

A woman observed two men fighting and flagged down a police officer, who then came upon the naked man literally eating the other man’s face.

Witnesses stated the officer ordered the man to stand down, and when he refused, the officer shot him, but even after being shot the man, seemingly unfazed, came at officers again.

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