Kanpur Express Train Derailment Leaves Dozens Dead Scores Injured in India

Uttar Pradesh Akhilesh Yadav on Sunday took stock of the situation and directed the state Director General of Police to personally monitor the relief operations after 14 coaches of Patna-Indore express derailed near Kanpur, which left at least 30 dead.

The train is reported to have derailed around 5 in the morning. Medical teams have been rushed to the site of the accident to attend to the injured.

Patna-Indore express derails: Death toll reaches 30, rescue operations underway
The officials are expecting the death toll to rise as the rescue operations are underway. “14 coaches of Indore-Patna express derailed near Kanpur. We are yet to confirm the total number of casualties. Rescue operations are underway,” Anil Saxena, Indian Railways spokesperson told news agency ANI. h/t indianexpress

Meanwhile, Zaki Ahmed, Inspector General, Kanpur confirmed that 30 bodies have been recovered so far from the spot after the tragedy.

CLUELESS: Rep. Curt Clawson Confuses U.S. Officials For FOREIGNERS

Rep. Curt Clawson (R-FL) speaking at the House Foreign Affairs committee yesterday to State Department official Nisha Biswal and Commerce Department official Arun Kumar … MISTOOK the high ranking U.S. officials … for Indian government officials, from India, yeah.

In the video (below,) Rep. Curt Clawson can he heard giving a great speech, directed at who he thought were Indian officials on the always important issue of trade and how the direction of currency should flow both ways, there was just one little problem, they are not Indian officials, they’re U.S. officials, the man had no idea who he was talking to..

curt clawson

I’m familiar with your country,” he told them, despite the chairman introducing them both as senior American officials. “I love your country. And I understand the complications of so many languages and so many cultures and so many histories all rolled up in one.” He added, as the two officials sat staring at him: “Anything I can do to make the relationship with India better, I’m willing and enthusiastic about doing so.” Continue reading

Baby Born With EXTRA HEAD

This baby was born with two heads and is in currently clinging to life in an intensive care unit at a hospital near New Delhi, India.baby_two_head_India-464845

The “twins” have separate spinal cords, necks and heads but share the same a heart, which makes separating them almost impossible.

Known as ‘thoracophagus’ twins, the two babies’ bodies are fused from the upper thorax to the lower belly. Continue reading

Forget American Idol Meet INDIAN IDOL JUNIOR!! #IndianIdolJunior

Have you been watching the American Idol grand finale? Wait, did I say American Idol? Sorry, what I meant to say was Indian Idol!! India‘s version of the popular singing competition! Right away you may notice some differences between the Indian version and the American version of the Idol franchise, first being, a pair of 40 something year-olds dancing like teenagers while singing what can only be described as Indian rap.
Indian Idol Continue reading

Lucky Wild Dog Gets Awesome Monkey Full Body Massage! (Highly Sharable)

This is one of those pictures… I really makes you think! Wild dogs are not known as a monkey’s best friend BUT, these guys seem to not only have NO issues but might actually be involved in some type wild transaction! I WANT!

Solent News & Photo Agency

A French photographer spotted a group of langur monkeys grooming a wild dog in the sunshine in Rajasthan, India. The pampered dog lay down and made itself comfortable as the monkeys fussed around it, even appearing to massage the creature’s face. The fastidious monkeys then resumed grooming one another. MailOnline.