Former Dixon High Student Shot By School Officer After Student Opened Fire Inside IL Gymnasium

Illinois officials say a police officer working at Dixon High School, located in northern Illinois, shot and wounded a former student, 19, who reportedly first fired a gun at the officer.

The shooting occurred in the gymnasium area of the high school, located at 300 Lincoln Statue Dr, Dixon, IL, at about 8 a.m. Wednesday.

City manager Danny Langloss says the gunman is in custody with what he describes as non-life-threatening injuries. He says neither the officer nor anyone else was injured. Continue reading

Gino Bassett Charged Overnight In March Murder Of Chicago Enterprise Scrum CEO Mike Beedle

Gino Bassett, Sr. was charged overnight in Chicago over the fatal March stabbing of 55-year-old Mike Beedle, police said.

Bassett, 56, is charged with first degree murder and two misdemeanor counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in the death of the Enterprise Scrum CEO.

Bassett is accused of attacking Beedle of Park Ridge in an alley in the 400 block of North State Street last month. Continue reading