8-Month-Old Baby SURVIVES 3 DAYS In Plastic Bag After NY Mother Abandon In Yard

An 8-month-old baby is alive after surviving 3 days in a plastic bag outside an upstate New York home. The child had been abandoned in the yard by her 17-year-old mother, Harriette Hoyt.

Police discovered the baby after responding to a “strange noise” call. Upon arrival, police found a baby whose feet were sticking out of a plastic bag. Hoyt has since been charged with attempted murder, authorities said.

Neighbors found the baby while searching for the source of murmuring sounds coming from a backyard. They located the child and called 911.

Officials said Hoyt, from Sayre, Pennsylvania, left the baby near bushes in a backyard last weekend. Sisters Kayla and Karen Seals made the initial discovery after hearing what they described as odd noises and at first thinking it was an animal in distress. Continue reading