Greta Van Susteren Unhurt After Elevator Abruptly DROPS 4 FLOORS (VIDEO)

Talk about a real-life nightmare! You know the one, where the elevator you’re riding suddenly and without warning drops?

This actually happened to Fox News anchor, Greta Van Susteren, while on a trip to Hanoi.

Van Susteren Greta evevator accident

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Politician To Greta Van Susteren: 10 ISIS Members Caught Crossing The Border

The news they don’t want us to know, whoever they are. Rep. Duncan Hunter emphatically telling a skeptical Greta Van Susteren that 10 members of the ISIS fighting group were caught crossing the border.

10 ISIS Members Caught At Border 2

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FOXNEWS Megyn Kelly Demands Gretta Van Susteren Time Slot In New Contract

Megyn Kelly Fox News. Word on the street is that FOXNews siren, Megyn Kelly, will be taking Gretta Van Susteren’s primetime 10:PM slot! This is after Kelly contract negotiations demanded Gretta displaced from her decade long tenure in primetime! The Times’ Brian Stelter broke the news that Kelly had in fact re-signed her contract with Fox extending it for another however many years and now that re-upping is starting to make more sense as conditions where set to remove Van Susteren from her coveted 10:PM time slot.. Van Susteren, who also re-up her contract, is making way for rising star Kelly.

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