HOLE IN ONE! HUGE Sinkholes Appear On Missouri Golf Course

If you can’t get your ball home in one of these holes, you suck! Not one, but four ginormous sinkholes cracked opened at the Top of the Rock Golf Course in Ridgedale, Missouri, on Friday.

The largest hole is about 60 feet by 80 feet wide! And watch your step, 35 feet deep!

Top of the Rock Golf Course sinkhole

The sinkholes started emerging near the practice range portion of the club at about 6:30 a.m., and kept getting bigger and bigger.…

Michael Jordan Banned!

Talk about a strict dress code! Basketball great, Michael Jordan was banned from a Miami golf course after refusing to change his cargo shorts! An avid golfer, Jordan is not a member at the Jack Nicholas designed golf course but plays there frequently, showing up whenever he feels like it and acting bossy. Well today was not his day and it had nothing to do with his swing and everything to do with his style!

Cargo shorts are a real no-no at the Gorce Country Club and a golf course staffer was only doing his job when he requested Jordan go back to the clubhouse and change out of the band apparel, but jordan refused.…