Kyndall Harrell Named As Young Woman Killed After Crashing In Mandarin Pond

Kyndall Harrell was named as the 23-year-old woman who died one day after crashing into a pond in Mandarin.

Harrell was driving east in the 4500 block of Greenland Road in Mandarin, Jacksonville, FL, when her vehicle left the roadway and landed in a retention pond, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

Police officers said they could not determine how long her vehicle was underwater. Harrell was unresponsive at the scene and taken to a local hospital. She died at the hospital Thursday, police said. Continue reading

WWE Richard Swann Arrested After Forcing FL Dancer Into Vehicle

WWE wrestler, Richard Swann, was arrested in Gainesville, Florida, late Saturday after he allegedly battered and falsely imprisoned a woman, police said.

Swann, 26, reportedly visited a Gainesville nightspot and departed with the club’s featured dancer. At some point during the ride, the female became agitated when Swann began critiquing her performance, according to the arrest report.

A witness told police Swann didn’t put the vehicle in park and it continued moving until it slammed into a telephone pole, according to the report. Swann allegedly grabbed the woman by her arm, put his arm around her neck and put her in a headlock before dragging her back to the vehicle, police said. Another witness told police the woman was banging on the window and screaming for help as Swann drove away, the report said. Continue reading

FL Clown Holding “You’re The Greatest” Balloon Shoots Woman Dead

17 years ago, Shelia Warren dressed as a clown and fatally shot Marlene Warren, her now-husband’s wife. After shooting the Wellington woman dead, she would go on to marry the dead woman’s husband.

In the summer of 1990, Shelia Warren, then 26-year-old Sheila Keen, dressed as a clown and traveled to Marlene Warren’s South Florida home. Holding balloons, Keen knocked on the front door. The victim answered and commented, “how nice,” before Keen released the balloons, produced a firearm and shot her in the face.

One balloon read, “You’re The Greatest,” the other was a Snow White balloon, said the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Thursday.

The clown calmly left the scene in a white Chrysler LeBaron.

Marlene Warren died at a local hospital two days later as a result of her injuries. Continue reading

Edgewater Florida Man Accused Of Beating Carjacking Elderly Woman

Looking at Todd Erskine‘s Facebook, most would assume he’s a normal, everyday husband and father to three kids, but now, that same Edgewater, Florida man stands accused of beating and carjacking a 74-year-old woman in the parking lot of an Orlando Home Depot.

Before pistol-whipping the elderly woman, stealing her vehicle and leaving her bloodied by the side of the road, Erskine, 43, attempted to carjack another woman in the same Home Depot parking lot. He approached that woman, 82, pointed a gun at her and said he needed her car. She resisted and made a commotion causing him to flee the scene.

The Sheriff’s Office said about 30 minutes later, Erskine approached the 74-year-old woman in the same parking lot and asked for a ride. Deputies said the woman let Erskine in her minivan and when they got near the intersection of Elm Drive and Pinedale, he hit the woman in the face with his weapon, made her get out and left with her 2006 Sienna. Continue reading

MA Woman Desiree Tedder ARRESTED In MURDER Of Drulmauert Mims

Dartmouth, Mass., woman, Desiree Tedder, has been arrested in the death of a man in Pensacola, Fla. Tedder has been charged with second-degree murder.

Investigators located the body of Drulmauert Mims, 23, buried in the backyard of a home on Barrancas Drive in the Warrington community. Tedder is being held on no bond in a Massachusetts jail.

Mims was reported missing back on March 29 and his discovery is the work of a multi-agency search including the Pensacola Police Department, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office and the Florida State Attorney’s Office. Continue reading

Fox News Shepard Smith MELTDOWN Live On-Air Reporting On Hurricane Matthew

Fox News anchor, Shepard Smith‘s reporting on Hurricane Matthew during a Thursday, October 6, broadcast left many viewers wondering if he was drunk or just plain out of his tree. Smith experienced a bizarre series of outbursts while tracking potential route of the hurricane as it approached Florida’s eastern coast.

Smith, 52, issued some over-the-top warnings that some on social media are dubbing an on-air meltdown.


“This moves 20 miles to the west, and you and everyone you know are dead — all of you — because you can’t survive it,” he said. ”It’s not possible unless you’re very, very lucky. And your kids die, too.” Continue reading

Jared Fogle Sues Parents: You Did A Lousy Job Raising Your Kid!

Subway’s former spokesperson, Jared Fogle, who was imprisoned for child pornography and sex abuse has now sunken to an all-time low. He is blaming the parents of his victim for what he calls her ‘destructive behavior.”

The girl’s parents filed a lawsuit last March against him. Jared Fogle is currently serving a 15 year prison sentence for conspiracy to receive child pornography, invasion of privacy, personal injuries and for emotional distress.

jared fogle dr phil 5

The victim in the lawsuit is being referred to as “Jane Doe” and she is seeking $150,000 in damages. The lawsuit alleges that Russell Taylor, former head of Fogle’s charity was secretly filming the underage girl and other children at his (Taylor’s) house. Continue reading

George Zimmerman CLOBBERED In FL Restaurant Over Trayvon Martin Comments

Via NYDailyNews: George Zimmerman was punched in the face at a Florida restaurant by a man who accused him of bragging about killing Trayvon Martin, police said.

Zimmerman dialed 911 to report he had been punched in the face at the Sanford eatery Sunday, according to a Seminole County Sheriff’s Office reported cited by WKMG-TV.

George Zimmerman gun trayvon

He told dispatchers a man who recognized who he was walked up to his table and slugged him after asking him “You’re bragging about that?” Continue reading

PICTURED: This Is The Man Who Attacked Pink Flamingo Causing Death At Tampa Busch Gardens

A beloved pink flamingo, named “Pinky,” had to be euthanized after suffering traumatic injuries caused after an attack by Joseph Anthony Corrao at the Busch Gardens amusement park Tuesday in Tampa Bay, Florida, authorities say.

Corrao, 45, was arrested and accused of animal cruelty in the death of the exotic bird, a popular Chilean flamingo, the Tampa Bay Times reports.

Joseph Corrao attacked Pink flamingo

Here’s what you need to know via TheHeavy

1. Witnesses Say Corrao Picked Up the Flamingo & Threw Her Down ‘in a Rage’ After His Mother Yelled at Him

Joseph Corrao was at Busch Gardens with his family Tuesday night when witnesses said he attacked the 19-year-old flamingo at the Jambo Junction animal viewing area, the Tampa Bay Times reports. Continue reading

Zika Virus STRIKES Yellowstone County Montana

The fourth known case of the Zika virus has been identified in Yellowstone County. The infection was identified by the RiverStone Health and the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services.

The reported case in Montana, the first of its kind, was found in a man who had travelled to an affected area. In February, Missoula County reported the first travel related case of Zika in Montana.

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As of July 27, 2016 there have been 1,658 confirmed cases of Zika in the United States. Nearly all cases were travel related. Diagnosis of Zika is based on a person’s recent travel history, symptoms, and results from a blood or urine test. h/t billingsgazette

Zika is a disease caused by a virus that is spread primarily through the bite of an infected Aedes species of mosquito that is not found in Montana. Travelers returning from Zika affected areas who have symptoms, or who are pregnant, or who are planning a pregnancy, should consult their healthcare provider.