Is Taylor Swift, you know, a gay? According to these pictures of the singer and Karlie Kloss, the answer might be “yes,” sorta.

The pair was attending a 1975 show together in New York City last night, when an audience member snapped photos which appear to show the smooch heard around the world..

Karlie Kloss taylor swift kissing

According to Twitter user @kathyparkk, these images are definitely, without a doubt, capturing Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss “making out.”

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Everything Has Changed? Ed Sheeran And Taylor Swift Officially An Item?

Singer, Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift hanging out backstage at Z100’s Jingle Ball 2012 at Madison Square Garden. posted some these pics of the man-child and Swift spending some quality time together…

Ed Sheeran meets up with gal pal Taylor Swift backstage at Z100′s Jingle Ball 2012 held at Madison Square Garden on Friday night (December 7) in New York City.

Later in the night, the 21-year-old British singer and Grammy nominee hit the stage with Taylor, 22, to perform their duet, “Everything Has Changed.”

“Just performed ‘Everything Has Changed’ with @taylorswift13 for the first time ever at the z100 jingle ball.

My Chemical Romance All I Want For Christmas Is You

Can you believe this MCR song was recorded way back in 2006? Back when America had to nickels to rub together and Tom from MySpace was king. Time flies!

300px Myspace 2010 logo.svg My Chemical Romance All I Want For Christmas Is You

While I’m talking about Tom, during his heyday he took a liking to a little band on Myspace called “My Chemical Romance.” Well Tom and his MySpace are history but what about MCR?  They are still going strong! Way to go boys!…

Adam Lambert coming out?

In other news that won’t surprise you at all, American Idol runner up Adam Lambert is supposedly ready to open up about his sexuality.  Page Six reports that Lambert will grace the cover of next month’s Rolling Stone and discuss being gay.  Although most fans of Lambert have been aware of his sexuality, he has never publicly talked about it.

I didn’t watch this season of American Idol but from what I’m told (by my dad), Lambert should have won. …

Clay Aiken on Adam Lambert “I thought my ears would bleed”

I got somethng to say!

Clay chose his blog to voice his opinion of Adam Lambert and those opinions were not good.  In a rant on his “pay to play” membership website, Clay ran at the mouth about his dissatisfaction with the entire American Idol process, but when it came to his feelings about Lambert, things got ugly.

Here is the blog post from Clay (it has since been removed¦)

“Now that it’s all over, and for the record…. I couldn’t be happier about the way AI ended this year.…