MI Family Speaks Out After Woman Found Dead In Middle Of Detroit Street

Carol Ann White has been identified as the woman found in the middle of a southwest Detroit street, police say. It appears she was killed someplace else and dumped there.

White has been identified as a woman in her 60s, police said.

Her family is now speaking out on social media saying they’re looking for answers, wondering why someone would kill White. Police found her body Wednesday morning and continue to investigate the homicide.

“They just didn’t hurt her,” said Rose Graves, the victim’s daughter. “They hurt an entire family because we are so devastated by this.”

“Whoever did it left her on the side of the road like she was a piece of garbage,” Graves said. Continue reading

SICK: U.S. Muslim Doctor Charged With Performing SECRET Female Genital Mutilations

Northville, Detroit doctor, Dr. Jumana Nagarwala, was charged on Thursday with performing secret (and illegal,) female genital mutilation on little girls as young a 6 years old. Muslims from across the world have the disgusting procedure performed on their daughters to reduce sexual pleasure and promiscuity.

According to documents filed in federal court, Dr. Jumana Nagarwala performed the procedure on young girls between the ages of 6 and 8 years old. A doctor in Minnesota enlisted to help investigate the crime performed an examination on the girl pursuant to a search warrant. The doctor said the girl’s genitals were not normal and observed scar tissue and healing lacerations.

The federal document claims that children from other states were brought to Dr. Nagarwala to undergo the operations. Two victims from Minnesota stayed at a hotel in Farmington Hills in February. One of the girls is 11 years old and told authorities that they came to the Detroit area for a ‘special’ girls trip, and when they arrived at the hotel she and the other young girl had to go to the doctor because ‘their tummies hurt’. Continue reading

Detroit Suspect IDed in Twitter Anti-Gay Hate Crime Video

Police believe they have identified a man sought for his participation in a disturbing video of a possible hate crime in Detroit. Steven Drake Edwards was depicted on video pulling a gun on a 23-year-old man as he left a Detroit liquor store because he believed the man was gay.

Cops say Edwards is on the run and are now asking the public’s to help in locating him. He is described as 6 foot five inches with braided dark brown hair and sporting a mustache and goatee.

Steven Drake Edwards twitter hate crime

Police say Edwards recorded the alleged hate crime from the passenger side from his parked red car and posted it on Twitter. Continue reading

Some In Flint Think The Lead Water Crisis Is A Hoax

Via The Salt Lake Tribune: Even as authorities are still advising residents in Flint, Mich., not to drink or bathe in the city’s tap water, leaving thousands to rely on bottled water to survive, some of the state’s prominent political voices think Flint’s water crisis may be exaggerated.

Foremost among them is Oakland County Republican Executive L. Brooks Patterson, who voiced skepticism about the severity of the crisis during an appearance before the Detroit Economic Club luncheon Tuesday, according to the Detroit Free Press.

L. Brooks Patterson flint

“I don’t think we should say or use words anymore like ‘Flint’s been poisoned,’ ” Patterson told reporters. “Because I don’t think that’s accurate. I’ve been using words like ‘Flint’s been poisoned,’ and I won’t use that anymore because I think the jury is out,” he added. Continue reading

HOT WATER: MI Gov Rick Snyder Ordered Testify Before Congress Over Lead

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has been summoned to testify in front of Congress over large amounts of lead found in the Flint water supply.

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver, pediatrician Dr. Mona Hanna-Atissha, and researcher Marc Edwards, have also been ordered to testify.

Rick Snyder lead mi congress testify

“We trust our government to protect the health and safety of our communities, and this includes the promise of clean water to drink and clean air to breath. Continue reading

‘Rehab Addict’ Star Nicole Curtis Robbed Attempt Carjacked In Detroit

Nicole Curtis, star of reality show “Rehab Addict,” was robbed and the victim of an attempted carjack in Detroit. She was putting her 4-month-old child in her vehicle at the time of the crime, police said.

Curtis, who’s in town for the restoration of the historic Ransom Gillis mansion in Brush Park, was robbed in front of a downtown parking garage, police said.

Nicole Curtis MUGGED In Detroit robbed

“She was parked in front of the garage at Larned and Griswold when a black Trailblazer pulled up in front of her,” Detroit Police Officer Nicole Kirkwood said. Continue reading

StarKist May Owe You $25 to $50 In CASH Or TUNA: How To Get PAID!

If you purchased one of the following kinds of 5 ounce StarKist tuna between Feb. 19, 2009 and Oct. 31, 2014: Chunk Light Tuna in Water, Chunk Light Tuna in Oil, Solid White Tuna in Water, or Solid White Tuna in Oil, you are due $25 – $50 in cash or tuna, according to a new settlement.

A class action lawsuit that alleged StarKist under-filled some of its 5-ounce canned tuna products by several tenths of an ounce has been settled.

StarKist class action lawsuit

By federal law, 5-ounce cans of tuna must contain an average 2.84 to 3.23 ounce of tuna, depending on variety. Continue reading

Detroit Cops Shutter Minimarts Over Selling Brillo Pad Lighter Glass Tube Kit

Via myfoxdetroit

Read the following and tell us, do you think cops are going to far? Or do you think it’s about time? Comment below!

Detroit Cops Shutting Down Gas Stations Over Selling Brillo And Lighters 2

Detroit police are aggressively trying to stop the sale of heroin in the city of Detroit for a second straight day.

Police say gas station owner Mike Ajami wasn’t actually selling drugs, they say he was selling drug set up kits with a glass pipe, steel wool and lighter rolled up in a brown bag for $5.

On  Wednesday police shut down a Sunoco gas station on Eight Mile as Chief James Craig and the owner had words on camera.

Police closed Ajami’s east side John R. Gas & Mart for selling the set up kits packaged for smoking crack.

“It’s closed effective immediately,” Police Chief James Craig said.

“Can I see why,” Ajami said.

“What did I do wrong,” Ajami said. “Is this a drug, sir?”

“I didn’t say it was a drug,” Craig said. “It’s paraphernalia.”

“It’s not the drugs,” Ajami said. “If people want it, I have to sell it.”

The station was closed just 24 hours after Detroit police, Oakland county sheriffs, the FBI and Michigan State Police raided a dozen Detroit homes and businesses along Woodward Tuesday.

“They were for sale,” Craig said. “Out in a rolled up bag. The people using illegal drugs come in knowing they can get a set up or a brown bag.”

Watching Craig signing and slapping a yellow business closure sign out front, owner Mike Ajami says it’s not fair for him to be singled out.

“Give me a warning and I’m not selling it anymore,” he said. “That’s it.”

“Go down (Eight Mile) or anywhere. Everybody is selling that.”Detroit Cops Shutting Down Gas Stations Over Selling Brillo And Lighters

If everyone else is doing it, Erika Erickson went to check it out.

“Everybody else is doing it, I’m not doing it,” said Mark Arabo, the owner of a nearby liquor store. “That’s dumb. You don’t do stuff like that. It’s already hard to make a living, you going to make it that way?”

A second store was checked out and no set up kits were found. The clerk explained that they are illegal.

While surely there are plenty of gas stations and  party stores doing the same thing …

“We believe the action today is going to be a deterrent,” Craig said. “If they are operating outside of the law, they should know we’re coming.”

Some neighbors didn’t enjoy watching Ajami forced to walk away from his store.

“For you to sit here and shut a guy’s business down,” said David, a customer. “It doesn’t make sense.”

“Just bags alone isn’t a reason to close a business that sells food to the community,” said J.T., another frustrated customer.

But plenty of others say that you have to start somewhere.

“They have to get drugs off the street,” said John, a neighbor. “So if Detroit police have to shut down an establishment, it’s a plus.”

Craig said he will continue to target party stores and gas stations helped in large part, by tips from the community.

Haleigh Green KILLER Demarcus Means CAPTURED In Los Angeles

Demarcus Means was apprehended by U.S. Marshals over the death of Shelby County, AL., teenager Haleigh Green.

Means was caught on a Chicago bus station surveillance camera while traveling to Kansas, Stockton, CA., and then eventually Los Angeles where he was captured.

Demarcus Means Haleigh Green

U.S. Marshals along with the Pacific Southwest Regional Fugitive Task Force caught up with Means around noon central time in Los Angeles.
Continue reading