Sheriff’s Deputy Suing R. Kelly For Having “Relations” With Wife “Ruining His Life”

Deputy Kenny Bryant of the Hinds County Sheriff’s Department is suing singer R. Kelly, over not only having an affair with his wife and ruining his marriage, but also ruining his entire life.

Lucky for officer Bryant, Mississippi just so happens to be one of the only states in the union that allows a person to sue another for breaking up their marriage, as noted by

Bryant married Asia Childress on July 15, 2012, and says he was aware that she had a relationship with Kelly prior to their marriage, but was told that it was over. He says the marriage was good until Kelly came back on the scene. Bryant claims Childress convinced him to quit and move to Atlanta so she could pursue a music career. But he now believes his wife moved there only so she could continue her affair with Kelly. He also claims that during their 5-year affair, Childress got chlamydia from Kelly. Continue reading