Billings MT Residents ON-EDGE After HEADLESS BODY Found In Carpet Roll

Resident of Billings, Montana, are reeling after a headless body was found rolled up in a carpet early Wednesday night.

The grisly discovery was made near 1200 block of South 32nd Street West.

The Billings Police Department is investigating, BPD Lt. Brian Korell said. The body was found in the area of an irrigation ditch west of Billings Collision Repair, which is located on the 1200 block of South 32nd Street West, Korell said. Continue reading

San Bernardino Man BEHEADED In Freak Motorcycle Accident

A man traveling on a motorcycle was decapitated in a freak accident in San Bernardino, California on Tuesday morning.

Authorities say, Fabian Zepeda, 27, was killed after he drove his motorcycle under a fallen power line stretched across a road.

Police tell the Riverside Press-Enterprise that minutes earlier, a driver lost control of a Ford Taurus, which hit a mailbox and ran across a lawn. Coroner’s officials say the car then hit a wooden telephone pole that snapped in half, and a tension wire fell across Macy Street. Zepeda drove into it and was beheaded. h/t abc6

Police say the driver did not appear to be impaired and wasn’t immediately arrested or ticketed pending further investigation.