Days Of Our Lives Fans LIVID After Learning New Megyn Kelly Show May REPLACE Iconic Soap

Megyn Kelly pissed off millions of Fox News fans during the presidential election after unexpectedly trashing now President-elect Donald Trump. And now Days of Our Lives fans have also found a reason the hate the blonde newscaster, after they learned their favorite soap was put on the chopping block by NBC to make way for Kelly’s new show.

Kelly, 46, has a brand new gig at NBC since exiting her long time gig at Fox News, and now rumors say, daytime drama Days of Our Lives is going to be canceled and replaced by Kelly’s new daytime show.

A source connected to the beloved soap opera tells PEOPLE that several cast members have been told that this upcoming year of the series will likely be its last. Days is one of the longest-running scripted television programs in the world, airing nearly every weekday since Nov. 8, 1965. Continue reading

Lisa Rinna RIDIC LIP Injections! After She Said ”I QUIT BOTOX!”

Lisa Rinna recently came clean about her botox use saying she had finally wrapped up 25 years of collagen abuse, but she must of had an about face because today the actress was spotted sporting a fresh boatload of the stuff in the same pair of worn out lips!


I guess in the words of Liberace, too much of a good thing can be wonderful..

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