Did Zooey Deschanel Get Plastic Surgery?

When I received these pictures of Zooey Deschanel, I had to go and doublecheck several times just to make sure was the same person! I mean call me crazy but she does not look anything like this! I know this is her and she has to look like yourself, however, she looks nothing like herself! Who is this impostor? I demand to know! I hope this isn’t the case of an actress going in to fix a few lines on her face and ending up looking like Daryl Hannah.


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Conor Kennedy Arrested At White House

Conor Kennedy was arrested following a protest outside the White House! Gossip Cop is reporting that Taylor Swift’s Ex was cuffed and hauled away with the likes of his dad, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., actress Daryl Hannah, and a bunch of other activists.

"Ethel" New York Premiere

They group was protesting the Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada.

The group had tied themselves to the White House gate before police intervened.

Each of the 40 people arrested, including the Kennedys, were charged with failure to obey lawful orders and disperse.

All were released after posting $100 bond each.

Conor’s dad is president of the Waterkeeper Alliance, though the civil disobedience was organized by the Sierra Club. source.


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Did Daryl Hannah Go Under The Knife?

Daryl Hannah claims she would never go under the knife, but new photos in
In Touch Weekly look a little suspicious.

The 48-year-old actress seems to be among the growing list of celebrities whose plastic surgery has gone bad.


Why do celebrities insist on fighting age? We will all get older one day people!! It’s something we are not meant to fight in such ways. Age gracefully and apply a little cream at night. Eat right. Drink water….but don’t go under the knife and rearrange your face.