This may prove to be the coffin nail that sends Lindsay Lohan back to jail for what TMZ is saying will be, “a long, long, time.” I reported that something was fishy with Lohan’s explanation of an accident she was involved in back when she was shooting “Liz and Dick,” and now that seems confirmed as authorities have charged her with the offense of lying to police.

LindsayLohantotaledPorsche 500x3121 JUST IN: LOHAN TO BE CHARGED: Lying To Cops JAIL TIME IMMINENT

Lindsay Lohan will be charged with the crime of lying to police after her car accident in June on Pacific Coast Highway … TMZ has learned.

We broke the story … Lohan told cops she was NOT behind the wheel of her Porsche when it slammed into the back of an 18-wheeler. Fact is she was — according to multiple witnesses.

Law enforcement sources tell us … the case will be filed as a misdemeanor by the Santa Monica City Attorney … possibly this week.

The charge could spell huge trouble for Lindsay, because she’s currently on probation for the jewelry heist. The criminal filing could trigger a probation violation, and Judge Stephanie Sautner — the jewelry judge — could send her to the slammer for a long, long time.

And law enforcement sources tell us … cops found prescription pills in her purse after the crash. Witnesses tell us pills were also scattered in her trunk. Our sources say authorities were prepared to charge LiLo with drug crimes, but Lindsay’s lawyer, Shawn Holley, gave cops documentations from Lindsay’s doctor, saying the pills were properly prescribed. Authorities then backed off that charge.

Miami U Handout “Top 10 Ways To Get Away With Rape”

This is the most deplorable thing I have seen in a while. A student at Miami University discovered this flier in the men’s restroom – offering 10 tips on rape. The school syas they are making an effort to identify the author.

rapenote16n 2 web Miami U Handout Top 10 Ways To Get Away With Rape

“Honesty is the best policy,” the flier says. “If the girl says she doesn’t want to have sex tell her you are going to get her a drink, slip some roofies in it and you’ll have her in bed in no time.”

rapenote16n 1 web Miami U Handout Top 10 Ways To Get Away With Rape

Rihanna’s New Tattoo

riri opt Rihannas New Tattoo

Rihanna seems to be exercising her right to therapy here…embracing the violent gangs and guns.  I think her problems are solved!!!??  This will come back to haunt her although..it is a bit creative as far as placement is concerned.