Woman ARRESTED After Posing On Facebook In Stolen Dress

A rather pregnant, Danielle Saxton, a West Frankfort, IL., resident, is in jail after stealing a dress and then posing in said dress on Facebook.

Saxton, 27, stole several items from a downtown boutique called Mortie’s, and then posted pictures of herself wearing the merchandise on social media..

Danielle Saxton dress 2

Investigators say Saxton shared the pics just a few hours after the theft. The images quickly spread on Facebook, and led officers straight to her. “What she stole was a very distinct leopard dress,” store co-owner Kert Williams explained. Continue reading

WATCH: Teen Girls Attack Rob ICE CREAM MAN

A group of teenage girl assaulted a roving ice cream man as he was delivering his frozen goods.

The teens were caught on video hitting the vendor over and over.

2 Daishaun Tyrone Burney ice cream man

“It seems like he’s not trying to fight back initially, like he just wants to be left alone, and that’s the thing — you can’t even be left alone,” said Manuel Fuentes. Continue reading

Las Vegas Woman’s Desperate Petition: My Brother Got Life Without Parole For Selling Pot

Carrie Tyler of Las Vegas, Nevada, posted this desperate petition on, telling the story of her brother who was sentenced to life in prison without the chance of parole, for selling a few tabs and some pot..tim tyler

My brother was sentenced to life without parole for a nonviolent drug offense

When my brother Tim was 25, he was sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole. Continue reading

Chris Brown Incarcerated By The Illuminati?

Chris Brown has already been spending all his free time behind bars, but now that his trial has been delayed until June, it means more idle time for the once busy singer. All this while common criminals are released in a heartbeat, regardless of their crime or their priors, usually because of overcrowded jails.

chris brown 281107

Putting aside the underwhelming crime Brown is accused, his continued incarceration seems to be motivated by something else, something bigger.

Brown — who was jailed last month after getting booted from rehab — was flown to D.C. and promptly jailed as he awaited trial in his assault case. Continue reading

Beautiful Twin Girls Among 4 Females Fatally Shot in OK Apt

A grizzly crime scene uncovered as four females, all believed to be in their teens or early twenties, found shot dead in a Tulsa, Oklahoma apartment. A three-year-old boy was found unharmed at the scene.


The victims, all young women, are either teenagers or very close to it, said a Tulsa police rep.


“It’s not everyday you see something like this in the city of Tulsa,” said alarmed cops, “It’s very tough right now, but our detectives are beating the bushes and so are our patrol officers and our gang units.”

Mortified family members identified two of the victims as twin sisters… Rebeika Powell and Kayetie Powell Melchor.…

Weird Al Pictured With DEAD HOOKER

I guess you could call this one of those “gotcha” memes. For the record, Weird Al IS pictured with a dead hooker, so don’t get mad at me for misleading headlines!


Many questions arise from this compromising photo. How did the hooker die? Did Weird Al murder this hooker? If Weird Al murdered this hooker, why? Did the hooker owe Weird Al money? Will Weird Al’s career take a turn for the worse after this?