Weird Al Pictured With DEAD HOOKER

I guess you could call this one of those “gotcha” memes. For the record, Weird Al IS pictured with a dead hooker, so don’t get mad at me for misleading headlines!

o WEIRDAL 570 Weird Al Pictured With DEAD HOOKER


Many questions arise from this compromising photo. How did the hooker die? Did Weird Al murder this hooker? If Weird Al murdered this hooker, why? Did the hooker owe Weird Al money? Will Weird Al’s career take a turn for the worse after

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This may prove to be the coffin nail that sends Lindsay Lohan back to jail for what TMZ is saying will be, “a long, long, time.” I reported that something was fishy with Lohan’s explanation of an accident she was involved in back when she was shooting “Liz and Dick,” and now that seems confirmed as authorities have charged her with the offense of lying to police.

LindsayLohantotaledPorsche 500x3121 JUST IN: LOHAN TO BE CHARGED: Lying To Cops JAIL TIME IMMINENT

Lindsay Lohan will be charged with the crime

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Miami U Handout “Top 10 Ways To Get Away With Rape”

This is the most deplorable thing I have seen in a while. A student at Miami University discovered this flier in the men’s restroom – offering 10 tips on rape. The school syas they are making an effort to identify the author.

rapenote16n 2 web Miami U Handout Top 10 Ways To Get Away With Rape

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