GROSS! See What A NYC Woman Found In Her SOUP!

A Queens woman was enjoying a bowl of soup yesterday when she discovered a most gut-wrenching spoonful..

Natalie Estrella was eating at Mi Mundo Restaurant in Far Rockaway when she discovered a giant insect floating in her soup.

The antennae-wearing encroacher bears striking resemblance to a silverfish or a grasshopper.soupbug

Estrella notified a waiter, who disposed of the offending soup. He could have left us in a state of ignorance, however he returned to explain to Estrella that the restaurant “has these bugs all over the pipes.” Continue reading

Fiona Apple’s Face Yesterday And Today

Songbird Fiona Apple appearing more like a pterodactyl singer, after debuting on stage!

Apple was finishing a set with Blake Mills when someone from the audience yelled,

“Fiona! Get healthy! We want to see you in ten years.”

50735422Visibly upset, Fiona stopped the show and angrily responded,

“Who the f**k do you think you are? I want you to get the f**k out of here!”

120922-fiona-apple-vert-1348346402The audience member was promptly escorted out, but not before yelling,

“I saw you twenty years ago and you were beautiful!”

Fiona-Apple1Fiona finished her set in tears..

Fiona Apple performs at the Governors Ball on June 24, 2012.

Does the heckler have a good point? Comment below.


CAKE Maker Hears ”CAT” Instead Of ”CAP” Hilarity Ensues

The good thing about a baker’s mistake is that you can eat all of the evidence. But the BEST thing is when you can turn it into a story like this one. Adorably proud mom Carol Gambrel wanted to celebrate her daughter Laura’s college graduation, so she ordered a “face cake” and asked if they’d draw “a little cap” on Laura’s head. But the baker heard the wrong consonant, resulting in the most hilarious mixup this side of a sitcom: Laura was instead given a little cat instead. “When I went to pick it up at the store, I could not stop laughing,” Carol said. “I told them not to scrape it off.” Excellent call, mom! [Source] Continue reading

Social Media Goes Wild For Britney Spears Leaked Grocery List

People on social media are simply fascinated by Britney Spears‘ grocery shopping list! The singer was on her way into a store when a pap snapped this picture listing her chores!


A close up of the shopping list reveals that the “Hit Me Baby One More Time” singer was simply planning on getting every day essential items such as ginger ale, tomatoes, Lunchables, ham, orange juice, 2% milk, Smart popcorn, bread and chicken.

article-2280230-17A52BB9000005DC-450_634x845 article-2280230-17A52FE5000005DC-149_634x905

The list, to many, is surprisingly normal, and has seen many leave complimentary comments about Spears that she seemed a regular mom doing a regular shop.

“Lovely seeing ms. Spears being a regular every day girl. Looks like she is doing well,” complimented one Facebook user. christianpost

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