HBO WARNS Game Of Thrones Cast & Crew “Confidential Contact Sheet” LEAKED!

THECOUNT.COM EXCLUSIVE: It appears that along with a couple episodes of the wildly popular HBO show, Game Of Thrones, getting leaked online ahead of airtime, an ultra “Confidential Contact Sheet,” containing the personal information of everyone who has ever worked on the blockbuster series was also pilfered and released on the internet by hackers.

Our HBO source and ex-Game Of Thrones employee provided THECOUNT.COM with a photo of the HBO letter received via US Mail. The document, presumably sent to all the cast and crew members, advises them of the invasive leak while offering a one-year-free subscription to a credit monitoring service.

The memo shed light on the extent and scope of damage control performed by HBO after the highly anticipated series ender was leaked on the internet. The damaging leak of the mythical masterpiece, which occurred before the official broadcast airdate, came after the cable movie giant refused to pay hackers a ransom.

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