Bret Michaels ROBBED Of Personal Items in New Hampshire

Poison rocker, Bret Michaels is saying two thieves stole “personal items” while he was performing in Hampton Beach Thursday night.

Michaels released a screen capture taken from a Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom security system.  The photo, which he posted on his Facebook page, showed two men being sought for the theft.

Bret Michaels robbed Hampton Beach Casino

According to the post, the items taken included cellphones and other personal effects. Michaels said no questions will be asked if the items are returned within 24 hours to Fred Shaake at the venue. Continue reading

Stacey Dash: Trans People Should Go To Bathroom “In The Bushes”

During an interview with “Entertainment TonightFox News commentator and Clueless star, Stacey Dash, said that transgender people should go to the bathroom “in the bushes.”

“It’s your body! So, it’s your decision, right?” Dash said. “We all make choices.”

stacey dash twitter

When rebutted with the argument that transgender people don’t choose what they feel is their true gender identity, Dash said “OK, then go in the bushes. Continue reading

Unprecedented: Boston Students Cut Class, Take To Streets In Massive Self-Organized Protest

A massive crowd of Boston high school students are roaming the streets on their way to the Boston Common and the Massachusetts State House in an unprecedented citywide walkout.

Students say they are demanding the city rescind a property tax break awarded to General Electric and they want government to cease all budget cuts.

boston student walkout

The Boston Public School District (BPS) is facing a budget deficit ranging from anywhere between $10 and $50 million for 2016 Continue reading

Boston Teacher Killed By Flying Manhole Cover Identified

The woman killed by a flying manhole cover on Interstate 93 in south Boston, has been identified as Caitlin Clavette, an art teacher at Glover Elementary School.

Clavette was killed near Boston’s O’Neill Tunnel Friday after a manhole cover became dislodged and flew into the air. The manhole cover then smashed through Clavette’s windshield, tragically killing her.

caitlin clavette manhole

Following the crash, MassDOT crews and welders spent the afternoon examining all travel lane infrastructure in Boston to check that manhole covers Continue reading

Steven Avery Mother: Teresa Halbach Is ALIVE [AUDIO]

Steven Avery, the subject of Netflix series, “Making A Murderer, is an innocent man, according to his mom, because she says the victim, Teresa Halbach, isn’t even dead.

Avery’s mother appeared on WAAF radio in Boston and suggested Halbach may be alive in an effort to frame her son.

Steven Avery teresa halbach

Continue reading

Arrest Made As “Baby Doe” Identified

Baby Doe, a little girl whose body was found on a Boston beach, has been identified and a person has been arrested and taken into custody over her death.

Police executed a search warrant on a home in Boston neighborhood Thursday night, which led them to determine the girl’s identity. It has been nearly three months since Baby Doe was discovered.

baby doe photo

Last month, based on an analysis of pollen that was found clinging to her pants, investigators determined that she was likely a localContinue reading

MIT Engineer: If You’re Taking A Shower You’re Doing It All Wrong

MIT Chemical engineer graduate, Dave Whitlock says you can forget taking showers to stay clean and to prove it, he’s skipped them for 12 years.

Whitlock says, If you really want to stay clean, instead of jumping in the drink, spray live bacteria on your skin.

Dave Whitlock

In fact, what Whitlock does believe is healthy is restoring good bacteria to our skin that our ancestors enjoyed long ago — bacteria that’s been slowly stripped away by excessive cleaning. Continue reading

Aaron Hernandez Judge to TV Station: YOU’RE BANNED Robert Cusanelli!

The judge in the Aaron Hernandez murder trial issued an ultimatum to TV station WHDH-TV, after they were accused of following two jurors outside the courthouse. The judge had previously issued a written order that no one shall approach, follow, contact, harass, photograph or take down the license plates of jurors.

The deliberating jurors alerted Judge Susan Garsh Thursday morning that they were followed by a pair of reporters working for Boston station WHDH-TV. The judge then held a special hearing, giving the station until 12:15 p.m. to have the driver or a higher-up testify about what happened or face being held in contempt.

Judge Susan Garsh WHDH

Garsh said it was a serious matter and a felony and could have resulted in a mistrial. The station didn’t immediately return phone and email messages from The Associated Press seeking comment. Continue reading

Jim Irsay Pays $530K For John Lennon ‘Paperback Writer’ Guitar

Colts owner, Jim Irsay, paid a whopping $530,000 for John Lennon‘s Gretsch guitar, used to record the Beatles‘ 1966 classic “Paperback Writer.”

Lennon’s cousin, David Birch, had owned the instrument since 1967.

jim irsay drunk

“The John Lennon guitar used on ‘Paperback Writer’ and other sessions with the Beatles is a significant piece of history,” Irsay told Rolling Stone. Continue reading