Barack Obama At 29 “I May Not Be Donald Trump Now, But Just You Wait”

A 29-year-old Barack Obama had a dream: to be like a particular billionaire celebrity who is now president, Donald Trump..

Obama authored a paper his last year at Harvard Law with Robert Fischer titled “Race and Rights Rhetoric,” an excerpt of which was published by Vice on Friday.

The relevant part, courtesy of the Washington Free Beacon, is in regards to Obama’s opinion on the average American mindset: “I may not be Donald Trump now, but just you wait; if I don’t make it, my children will.” Continue reading

BOOK: Barack Obama PROPOSED To THIS Woman TWICE Before Settling On Michelle

Michelle Obama was not Barack Obama‘s first love, a new biography claims. Young Barack proposed to Sheila Miyoshi Jager, a woman who rejected him not once but twice.

Jager is said to have rejected Obama, says David Garrow, the author of the new book, “Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama.” Obama met Jager in the mid-’80s when he was doing community organizing in Chicago, says Garrow.

Jager, of Dutch and Japanese ancestry, told Garrow even back then, Obama had a strong belief he’d someday become President of the United States. She also told the author Obama had “a deep-seated need to be loved and admired.” She says in 1986 Obama asked her to marry him, but her parents were opposed because they thought she was too young. She said no, but they continued dating. Then, Garrow says, Obama’s presidential ambitions became a centerpiece of their relationship, causing a conflict because he worried a non-African-American spouse would do him political damage. Continue reading

Gigi Hadid Branded RACIST After Mocking Melania Trump While Hosting AMA

Model, Gigi Hadid has been branded racist on social media after delivering a rude and frankly disrespectful impression of Melania Trump during her American Music Awards opening on Sunday.

Hadid, 21, used an Eastern European accent while mock the soon-to-be First Lady while hosting the AMAs.


‘I love my husband, President Barack Obama. And our children Sasha and Malia,’ Gigi said, in a joke referring to accusations that Donald Trump‘s wife had ripped off a speech by Michelle Obama at the RNC. Continue reading

Trump Orders Back Bust Of Winston Churchill Removed By Obama White House

An iconic bust of Winston Churchill that was controversially removed from the Oval Office by Barack Obama is making a heroic comeback compliments of President-elect Donald Trump.

Obama set the tone for his presidency by promptly removing the Churchill bust, but flash forward to today and without sending a memo or placing a phone call to King Obama, Trump has made plans to re-install the bust of the World War II Prime Minister.


Obama hijacked the office of the presidency for eight years, and with his seething hatred of America as the super power, he was propelled to go on his apology tour as he decimated our economy. However, what he didn’t get was that you can’t change the spirit of America or Americans. Continue reading

Who Is Steve Bannon? And How Did He Make It All The Way To The White House?

Meet Stephen “Steve” Bannon, the Executive Chairman of Breitbart News Network, was hired by Donald Trump as his campaign CEO. Flash forward to today as Bannon has been named chief White House strategist.

Bannon, 60, successfully led an effort to re-energize Trump’s struggling bid for the White House, along with Kellyanne Conway, Founder and President of The Polling Company, Inc. and a Republican campaign strategist.


Here are some fact facts on Bannon: Trump announced the new hires in a statement posted to his official campaign website on August 17, confirming that Bannon will be stepping down temporarily from his role as Chairman at Breitbart in order to manage the campaign full-time. On his selection of Bannon and Conway, Trump stated: Continue reading

Huma Abedin Spotted HAMMERING TEARS While Walking Down Manhattan Street

Hillary Clinton‘s embattled aide Huma Abedin openly sobbed while strolling down a NYC street on Friday on the heels of Clinton’s massive and frankly embarrassing loss.

Abedin face appeared sad and twisted as she visited the campaign headquarters of the failed presidential candidate. many claim she directly if not fundamentally contributed to Clinton’s historic defeat.


Abedin ventured out of her Manhattan apartment and went to the office three days after President-elect Donald Trump shocked the world by defeating Clinton. She approached the tall building with stunning views which had until Tuesday been filled with staff a volunteers carrying a bag and a purse.  Continue reading

Hillary Email Case Reopened Over FBI Investigation Into Anthony Weiner SEXTING

Federal Officials said Friday that the closed investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server was reopened after the discovery new evidence found by the F.B.I. after they seized electronic devices belonging to Hillary top aide, Huma Abedin, and her husband, Anthony Weiner.

In a letter to Congress Friday, F.B.I. director, James Comey, said that emails had surfaced in an unrelated case, and that they “appear to be pertinent to the investigation.”


The F.B.I. told Congress that it had uncovered new emails related to the closed investigation into whether Mrs. Clinton or her aides had mishandled classified information, potentially reigniting an issue that has weighed on the presidential campaign and offering a lifeline to Donald J. Trump less than two weeks before the election. Continue reading

Man Dressed As City Worker DESTROYS TRUMP Walk Of Fame Star With SLEDGEHAMMER

Donald Trump‘s Hollywood Walk of Fame was completely destroyed Wednesday morning by a man dressed as a city construction worker using a sledgehammer and pick-ax.

The brutal vandalism occurred on Hollywood Boulevard, near the Dolby Theatre, where Trump’s star was dedicated in 2007 in recognition of his work on the hit NBC series, The Apprentice.


Speaking to Deadline, the man said his name was Jamie Otis. He said he originally intended to remove Trump’s star completely to auction it off next month in New York to raise funds for the women who have recently come forward to accuse Trump of sexually assaulting them over the decades. In the past few months, 11 women have claimed the GOP POTUS candidate groped or otherwise attempt to get intimate with them. Continue reading