ISIS Claims Responsibility For St. Cloud Mall Mass Stabbing

A wing of terror group ISIS claimed responsibility for a mass stabbing that left eight people hospitalized in Minnesota. The attacker, who was dressed in a private security uniform, made reference to “Allah,” victims and witnesses reported.

ISIS claimed the person who conducted the stabbing was a “soldier of the Islamic State,” according to a statement posted online Sunday.


The statement by the Amaq agency follows a pattern of ISIS-related media claiming responsibility for what appear to be the acts of individuals across Europe in the past few months. Continue reading

Explosion Gunfire ERUPT American University of Afghanistan Campus Burning

An explosion and subsequent gunshots have occurred at 7:50 p.m. local time at the American University of Afghanistan complex in Kabul.

Eyewitnesses on the scene say fires are burning on the campus.

American University of Afghanistan complex fire

Ambulances, security forces and search and rescue teams are en route to the university. The blast occurred at 7:50 p.m. local, when students were gathering and eating together. Continue reading

Olympics Swimmers IRKED After Rio Pools TURN GREEN

Athletes competing in the Rio Olympics are seeing red after the diving pool turned a murky shade of green. Now the water polo pool has also turned the uninviting shade of yuck.

Officials say the pools are safe to swim and the greenish water is simply algae. Come again?

olympics pools green algae

Speaking with the Associated Press after yesterday’s algae problem, Olympic spokesperson Mario Andrada says that the puke-green hue was caused by a “proliferation of algae” primarily because of “heat and a lack of wind.” Continue reading

Johnny Depp’s Mom Grew Up In an Appalachian Shack But He Gave Her A Fairy Tale Life

It would be an understatement to say that Johnny Depp doted on his beloved mother, Betty Sue Palmer, who died earlier this week. Not only did the superstar take his mother as his date to countless major Hollywood functions, he also spent lavishly on her as well tattooing her name inside of a heart on his left arm.

Palmer, who had been ailing for some time, died in the morning hours Friday, May 20. She was 81. Only days later would Depp’s wife, Amber Heard, file for divorce after 15 months of marriage. But I digress.

johnny depp and mother red carpet

Depp had an especially close relationship with his mother, who was a frequent guest of the actor at various Hollywood functions over the years. Continue reading

AC/DC Cancels US Tour Over Singer’s “Total Hearing Loss”

Hard rockers, AC/DC, have announced that they are canceling the remainder of their U.S. tour over the prospect of frontman Brian Johnson‘s “total hearing loss.”

Johnson has been advised by his medical team to stop touring immediately or risk completely losing his hearing.

ACDC brian johnson hearing loss

The same release says that dates through early April, when AC/DC was set to play Madison Square Garden in New York City, “will be made up later in the year, likely with a guest vocalist.” Continue reading

TSA Refuses To Board Woman After Discovering Pistol Pumps

A woman was questioned at a TSA checkpoint while traveling at an airport in Baltimore-Washington after attempting to bring on a suspicious item on her carry-on.. A pair of “Bond Girl” high heels shaped like gun and bullets.

TSA refused to let the woman board the plane with her pumps. There were also bracelets on the same subject.


“We do not allow replicas of weapons or ammunition beyond the checkpoints,” the TSA said, “but we regret to inform you that you cannot bring them in checked baggage.” Continue reading

REBOUND? Tyga Spotted With Kylie Jenner Doppelganger

Tyga may have rebounded in true doppelganger style after the rapper was spotted with a total Kylie Jenner lookalike.

The unknown woman could be Kylie’s stand-in, body double or a long lost Kardashian sister. No matter what, someone better get Kris Jenner on the phone STAT.

tyga Kylie lookalike

She could be a potential singer for his label — like that 14-year-old girl. If so, at least he’s not texting this one. Continue reading

“The Cove” Star Deported From Japan Over Dolphin Activism

Japan has ordered the deportation of Ric O’Barry, the former dolphin trainer for the “Flipper” TV series and the star of the Oscar-winning documentary “The Cove,” about a village in Japan that annually corrals migrating dolphins into a cove before slaughtering them.

O’Barry, was detained by Japanese immigration officials upon arrival Monday at Tokyo’s Narita international airport.

ric o barry the cove deported japan 2

Japanese authorities decided Friday to turn down his appeal to get into the country, according to his son, Lincoln O’Barry. His son and lawyer say immigration officials accuse O’Barry of lying during questioning Continue reading

Bindi Irwin Rocks Bikini Top In Hawaii

Bindi Irwin is all grown up! Complete with bikini (top,) boyfriend and Hawaiian vacation sans her mother’s watchful eye!

Fresh off her November win on Dancing With the Stars, Irwin, 17, was spotted relaxing on the beach in Hawaii with her boyfriend, Chandler Powell.

Bindi Irwin bikini

The pair frolicked on the beach as Irwin wore a black bikini top and high-waisted jean shorts. Continue reading