Georgia Couple GO MISSING After Going To Buy Car Off Craigslist

Georgia police are seeking a Marietta couple who disappeared after going to purchase a car from a seller they contacted on Craigslist.

The Georgia State Patrol’s aviation unit joined local officials searching for the couple who are both in their late 60s.

craigslist generic

The couple drove to McRae on Thursday to meet someone who responded to an ad Bud Runion placed on Craigslist seeking a 1966 Mustang. Continue reading

Here’s The FULL Bruce Levenson Email That Cost Him The Team

Below find the full email penned by Bruce Levenson and leaked by the Hawks organization.

Hawks Bruce Levenson email 4

It’s only fair to note that Levenson was one of the most vocal critics of owners of Donald Sterling.

From: Bruce Levenson

Sent: 8/25/2012 11:47:02 PM

Subject: Re: Business/Game ops Continue reading