Chocolate Thunder Slam Dunk King Darryl Dawkins DEAD At 58

NBA legend Darryl Dawkins, aka, “Chocolate Thunder,” known for his mad dunking skills, has died. He was 58.

Dawkins’ career in the NBA ended in 1989. He then toured with the Harlem Globetrotters.

Darryl Dawkins dies

Dawkins was the first basketball player to be drafted to the NBA straight outta high school when he was selected by the Philadelphia 76ers in 1975.  Continue reading


Indiana Pacers Copeland And Wife STABBED Outside 1 Oak Nighclub

Indiana Pacers forward Chris Copeland and his wife, Katrine Saltara, were injured after being involved in a shocking stabbing outside New York nightclub, Oak 1.

Two more NBA players were arrested after the dispute which occurred early Wednesday morning.

Copeland And Wife stabbing photos 4

Copeland, 31, a former member of the Knicks, was stabbed in the abdomen around 4 a.m., the New York Daily News reported. Continue reading


Georgia Couple GO MISSING After Going To Buy Car Off Craigslist

Georgia police are seeking a Marietta couple who disappeared after going to purchase a car from a seller they contacted on Craigslist.

The Georgia State Patrol’s aviation unit joined local officials searching for the couple who are both in their late 60s.

craigslist generic

The couple drove to McRae on Thursday to meet someone who responded to an ad Bud Runion placed on Craigslist seeking a 1966 Mustang. Continue reading


Here’s The FULL Bruce Levenson Email That Cost Him The Team

Below find the full email penned by Bruce Levenson and leaked by the Hawks organization.

Hawks Bruce Levenson email 4

It’s only fair to note that Levenson was one of the most vocal critics of owners of Donald Sterling.

From: Bruce Levenson

Sent: 8/25/2012 11:47:02 PM

Subject: Re: Business/Game ops Continue reading


Lakers Nick Van Exel Son Sentenced 60 YEARS In Prison

Nickey Maxwell Van Exel, the son of former Lakers star, Nick Van Exel, was sentenced to 60 years in prison for murder in Texas on Friday.

Continue reading


Models Stampede at America’s Next Top Model Tryout

NEW YORK ( At least six were hurt and apparently a purse-snatcher was the cause.  As thousands waited on the street for a chance to try out for “America’s Next Top Model,” a car pulled up pouring smoke, someone yelled “fire!” and that’s when all hell broke loose. The women panicked and started running for their lives. WINS radio reported that a stampede followed.

To make matters worse, a man jumped from a car and … Continue Reading Post