Miss Canada Universe UNCROWNED!

NEW YORK – Denise Garrido thought she was the 2013 Miss Canada Universe when she was crowned such earlier this week but the Miss Universe pageant officials realized they made a ‘human error,’ and Denise was uncrowned or is it dethroned? Anyway she was demoted to fourth place! Oops..

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Miss America MALLORY HAGAN Bikini Bod Reveals Post Pageant Weight Gain

This is a TMZ feature story. I think reigning Miss America Mallory Hagen looks just fine in her red bikini and floppy hat. She was never a stick skinny body type to begin with, though it seems she did shed some pounds for her win and then gained a few back for the after party.


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Selena Gomez Girl’s Night Out

Selena Gomez pulling out miss sexy in a big ass way! There’s seldom a time I write about a story and actually wish I could’ve been there, but this is one of those situations where I wouldn’t have minded holding the camera, driving the limo, whatever! Sign me up!

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