Chicago Cops Arrest MN Couple Over Faking $18,000 Downtown Robbery

Minnesota couple, Ryan Reiersgaard and Katie “Lynn” Mager, were charged with filing a false report after they claimed they were robbed of a slew of valuable items at knifepoint.

Reiersgaard and Lynn told cops they were pilfered at knifepoint of personal item including, a $12,000 engagement ring, a $3,000 suitcase purse, a $2,000 MacBook Air laptop, a $300 suitcase and a $150 iPad Mini, early Thursday in downtown Chicago.

Reiersgaard of Burnsville and Lynn of Apple Valley, both 27, originally told officers they took GPS directions to the lower level of 300 North Columbus Drive around 1:50 a.m., according to police. The couple said three people then approached them with a knife and took the pricey ring, along with other expensive items. Continue reading

WWE Richard Swann Arrested After Forcing FL Dancer Into Vehicle

WWE wrestler, Richard Swann, was arrested in Gainesville, Florida, late Saturday after he allegedly battered and falsely imprisoned a woman, police said.

Swann, 26, reportedly visited a Gainesville nightspot and departed with the club’s featured dancer. At some point during the ride, the female became agitated when Swann began critiquing her performance, according to the arrest report.

A witness told police Swann didn’t put the vehicle in park and it continued moving until it slammed into a telephone pole, according to the report. Swann allegedly grabbed the woman by her arm, put his arm around her neck and put her in a headlock before dragging her back to the vehicle, police said. Another witness told police the woman was banging on the window and screaming for help as Swann drove away, the report said. Continue reading

Ohio Fifth Grade Teacher Arrested Cops Say “Permitted Drug Abuse”

Amy Panzeca, a fifth grade teacher with 15 years under her belt with the Springboro school system has been arrested and charged with “permitting drug abuse,” “endangering children” and “contributing to the delinquency of a minor,” apparently all during school hours.

The Warren County Drug Task Force took, Panzeca, 48, into custody on Sesame Street about 6 p.m. Monday. The type of drugs involved, the location of the offences and other details on the arrest were not immediately made available by authorities.

A spokesman for Springboro schools confirmed Panzeca is one of the district’s teachers and is now on paid administrative leave. Continue reading

“Ethan Skolnick” 790 Sports Talk “The Ticket” Host ARRESTED Battery Of ELDER

Sports Talk 790The Ticket” host Ethan Skolnick was arrested Wednesday in Boca Raton and charged with the of battery of a person 65 years of age or older. That person was not identified.

Skolnick was booked at the Palm Beach County Jail at 4:53 p.m. No other details regarding the incident were released by authorities.

Skolnick, 44, of Miramar, Fla., hosts a weekday show from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. on the popular south Florida sports talk radio show. Before radio, Skolnick appeared in TV commercials as a kid for the Juicy Juice beverage company, which was invented by his grandfather David Skolnick. Continue reading

Tenured Oakland University Professor CHARGED With Running DRUG HOUSE

Oakland University professor, Joseph Schiele, is accused of running a drug house, providing drugs such as marijuana and ketamine to students, and a felony firearm charge.

Schiele, who has been a professor at OU since 2004, has been placed on paid leave, after charges were brought against him. A “review” of the professor in 2015 on “RatemyProfessor,” noted: “Basically absent and tried to run the class completely remote control. Was very inconsistent with requirements. Syllabus stated one requirement but his examples of good work were 4X the requirement. Responses to the many questions due to his lack of direction were delayed if answered at all. Is a detriment to the Oakland MBA program.”

According to WDIV, tips had been accumulating since January 2016, including a 22-year-old female student who told the court she had visited “at least 30 times” for visits including alcohol, cocaine and ketamine. A 19-year-old student said Schiele provided him with alcohol, marijuana and ketamine. Continue reading

Food Network Celebrity Chef Michael Chiarello ARRESTED DUI DRUGS

Celebrity chef Michael Chiarello, an Emmy-winning Food Network personality and cookbook author, was busted Wednesday while in Napa california for DUI possessing drugs while driving his Porsche.

Chiarello, 54, who also appeared on Bravo cooking show “Top Chef Masters,” was stopped at 3:27 a.m. while driving his Porsche Boxster on Silverado Trail, said Officer Marc Renspurger, a spokesman for the California Highway Patrol in Napa.


The chef reportedly told the officer he was driving from Yountville, home to his eatery, Bottega Ristorante. Continue reading

Los Angeles DA Jackie Lacey FLEES After Black Lives Matter Disrupt Meeting

District Attorney Jackie Lacey fled a meeting early after being confronted by Black Lives Matter supporters who overtook the gathering.

After an hour into the community event, Lacey appeared to have had enough, and walked out. When But Lacey did have the microphone, she was interrupted consistently.


Lisa Simpson says she wanted to confront Lacey at a town hall after her 18-year-old son was killed by Los Angeles Police Department officers in July. “She got the power to stop it, but she won’t, and I wanna know why because I’ll never get to see my son again,” Simpson said. Continue reading

Mother Who Married And Divorced Son ARRESTED After Marrying Biological Daughter

Oklahoma mother, Patricia Spann, and her daughter Misty Spann, were arrested after being accused of being involved in an incestuous marriage.

Court documents show, Patricia, 43, and Misty, 25, were married in March 2016 in Comanche County, Ok. Patricia is Misty’s biological mother. Documents show that Patricia was also once married in 2008, to her biological son.


Investigators with the Department of Human Services discovered the illegal relationship in August while investigating the children who were inside the Spanns’ home. Continue reading

HALF DOZEN Notre Dame Football Players ARRESTED Friday Night

Notre Dame cornerback Ashton White, starting safety Max Redfield, wide receiver Kevin Stepherson Jr., linebacker Te’von Coney, Dexter Williams, and cornerback Devin Butler, were all arrested Friday night.

The first five Notre Dame football players mentioned above were arrested after a traffic stop by Indiana State Police. Cops say they found marijuana and a loaded handgun in the players’ car. The sixth player, Butler, was arrested after being observed shoving a woman outside a club and then punching a police officer who arrived on scene.

Devin Butler notre dame arrested players

State Police said a trooper stopped a car Friday night in Fulton County about 35 miles south of South Bend for speeding. Continue reading

Cop Who Slapped Suspect After Being Stuck By SYRINGE GETS CHARGED WITH ASSAULT

It’s dark days for cops. And this has again been personified after a female Nashville Metro police officer was decommissioned over allegedly slapping a female suspect who had just stuck her with a syringe needle.

Police said Officer Elizabeth Berry-Loucks was searching a woman, being detained on felony drug and gun charges, when she was stuck by an uncapped syringe concealed in the woman’s bra. Berry-Loucks, whose immediate reaction was to slap the suspect in the face, was then herself arrested and charged with assault, according to documents.

Elizabeth Berry-Loucks Rachel Hall

Berry-Loucks, a three-year veteran of the department, is charged with misdemeanor assault. She has been assigned to desk duty while her actions are under investigation. Continue reading