ORE Mom Gets Revenge After Repeat Package Thief Steals Stinky Box Of Dirty Diapers

A package thief got surprised with a box full of dirty diapers after messing with the wrong mom in Hillsboro, Ore.

Angie Boliek, told reporters she was was at her wits-end after someone stole a package carrying her baby son’s Christmas pajamas.

Boliek said it’s a yearly tradition in her family to have children take a photo in their Christmas pajamas, so she ordered some online.

“Thursday I got an email from the store saying it was delivered and I did not receive it,” Boliek said.

When she realized the package was stolen she got frustrated.

“I wanted to get my own, I guess, passive-aggressive revenge,” Boliek said.

She taped up a box filled with 10 to 15 of her son’s dirty diapers along with a note reading, “Enjoy this you thief!” and left it on the porch Sunday.

By Monday evening she said the box was gone.

Police say they don’t have any leads at this point in either the theft of the pajamas or the stink bomb package. Continue reading