Katie Couric 2012 “Matt Lauer’s Most Annoying Habit?” He’s A Butt Pincher

In 2012, journalist Katie Couric said in an interview that Matt Lauer’s most annoying habit is that he pinches her on the backside on the regular.

Couric, who co-hosted the “Today” show with Lauer for over a decade, made the comments a full five years before he would be abruptly fired from NBC for sexual harassment.

Couric did not mince her words when replying to “Watch What Happens Live” host, Andy Cohen‘s 2012 question, “over the 15 years, what was Matt’s most annoying habit?”

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Amber Rose Calls Kardashians “Not Relevant” On Bravo’s WWHL (VIDEOS)

Amber Rose certainly didn’t make Andy Cohen’s job easy during her appearance on Watch What Happens: Live, refusing to answer any questions about the Kardashians.

The curvy model was obviously annoyed when she was asked to discuss her ex-boyfriend Kanye West and his reality TV family, The Kardashians, even though she has publicly trashed them previously.

Amber Rose the worst guest on WWHL?

Amber was asked to play the WWHL game, Plead the Fifth, and declined to answer any of the questions.

Rose refused to say which Kardashians she found the least interesting before Cohen even finished asking the question.

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Kate Hudson Squirms Over Nick Jonas Dating Rumors

Kate Hudson appeared alongside Zoey Deschanel on “Watch What Happens Live”, where the blonde beauty was questioned her rumored romance with singer Nick Jonas.

Bravo host Andy Cohen was delighted when a caller asked Kate, “Are the rumors true that you’re dating Nick Jonas?”

Is Kate Hudson banging Nick Jonas?

Cohen was dying to find out if the hook-up rumors were true, stating, “Number one – this is all I wanna know!”

Kate was obviously nervous and blushed as she attempted to avoid answering the personal question.

Andy told Kate, “Here’s my feeling. You are so hot, I’ve seen you in person now a couple of times, and Nick Jonas has been here a couple of times, he’s so hot…I love it when hot people are together. It’s my favorite thing! I hope something’s happening – even if it’s casual”.

The 36-year-old actress refused to discuss the 23-year-old adorable singer.

Kate Hudson insisted, “I don’t… I don’t like addressing any kind of gossip, no”.

Andy was so excited about the prospect of Kate and Nick dating, adding, “I just want to reiterate that it is my wish for you for that to happen in some capacity.”

Zooey Deschanel & Kate Hudson on Bravo show video

Hudson smiled and took a sip of her drink, replying, “I’ll keep that in the back of my mind.”

Kate Hudson refuses to discuss Nick Jonas dating rumors

Andy did pry a few confessions out of Kate and Zoey Deschanel, who were friends in high school and co-starred in Almost Famous together, in a little game he called Dish In The Dark – Never Have I Ever.

Kate and Zooey were asked questions including whether they’ve ever given out a fake phone number and if they’ve smoked weed with a family member.

Kate and Zoey are starring together again in the film “Rock The Kasbah”.

Images: wenn.com/Bravo

Seth Rogen on Justin Bieber: He’s UNsincere!

Canadian Seth Rogen hath no love for fellow maple leaf, Justin Bieber.seth-rogen-paul-rudd-vanity-fair1

Rogen, appearing on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live Wednesday,

“Justin Bieber is a piece of s—, he’s obnoxious, he’s ungrateful, he’s UNsincere (sic).”

Adding, “He puts people’s lives in danger.” video

Really Rogen? UNsincere? The comedian not elaborate as to how Biebs puts folk’s lives in danger.. Bieber has not yet responded to Rogen’s put downs, including a rank Tweet back in January.

Anderson Cooper Reveals ‘Boyhood Crush’ You’ll NEVER Guess Who!

I have to keep reminding myself that Anderson Cooper came out as gay because every time I hear him talking about a “crush,” I still imagine it being someone of the opposite sex. Appearing on a skit on his own TV show, Anderson had to guess the names of 70s and 80s television shows based on clues compliments Jessica Walters, “One of the stars was Anderson’s childhood crush.” Guest host, Andy Cohen replied, “Which one?” and then Coop correctly guessed “Joanie Loves Chachi.” – “Wait, was the crush Scott Baio?” Cohen began to ask, “Yea,” Anderson admitted. He went on to explain that he considered telling Baio that he had feeling for him but lost his nerve, “He [Baio] was once a guest on the show, but I didn’t have the courage to tell him.”
ONTD.anderson lg

Knowing Scott from the Beverly Hilton days, he would have been, um, flattered… But lemme tell ya, dude is all man.