Student Killed By City Vehicle After LAUSD Closes Schools

A student was killed after being struck by a city service truck Tuesday morning on the heels of a massive school shutdown over an emailed threat.

The unidentified student, 17, was crossing a Highland Park street not far from a charter high school when he was struck and killed.

student killed highland park

The accident occurred after the Los Angeles Unified School District closed all campuses due to a threat sent to several school board members. Continue reading

Saudi State TV BLURS Michelle Obama’s FACE As Barack Meets King

Saudi state television station blurred out Michelle Obama‘s face in their broadcast of her and the President meeting with the new Saudi King Salman.

Several videos posted on Saudis’ Facebook sites were removed shortly after they were posted.

Saudi State TV BLURS Michelle  2

The new king shook hands with President Obama at the Erga Palace but didn’t acknowledge the first lady at all during a very brief meeting on the side of the funeral for King Abdullah. Continue reading

BILL CLINTON: Did He Save It? (Prepared Remarks)

– DNC 2012: Bill Clinton’s speech at the Democratic National Convention (Prepared remarks) –

I want to nominate a man whose own life has known its fair share of adversity and uncertainty. A man who ran for President to change the course of an already weak economy and then just six weeks before the election, saw it suffer the biggest collapse since the Great Depression. A man who stopped the slide into depression and put us on the long road to recovery, knowing all the while that no matter how many jobs were created and saved, there were still millions more waiting, trying to feed their children and keep their hopes alive.