Pregnant Grinch Robs Georgia Home Opens Family’s Christmas Presents

Police in Georgia are looking for two people, (one of whom is pregnant,) after they were and caught on security cameras stealing a package from the doorstep of a home in Duluth.

The pair then broke into the home and unwrapped all of the family’s Christmas presents, according to authorities.

One individual was captured in an image by a Ring doorbell, which allows homeowners to see video of the area surrounding their front door. The individual, who appeared to be a visibly pregnant woman, rang the doorbell, triggering the camera. She and another person, who was not captured on camera, then stole a package from the doorstep, according to police. After stealing the package, the woman on camera burglarized the home, police said. Officers said they found Christmas presents under the tree, unwrapped, with wrapping paper scattered around the room. Several drawers from dressers had been removed and left on the bedroom floor, and it looked like someone had gone through them, a police report said. Continue reading