MS Boy 9 Shoots Sister 13 Dead After She Refuses To Hand Over Video Game Controller

Monroe County Sheriff says a 13-year-old Aberdeen, MS., girl is dead after being allegedly shot in the back of the head by her 9-year old brother.

The boy shot his older sister because of an argument over a video game controller, confirmed Sheriff Cecil Cantrell.

Sheriff Cantrell says this is the “first of its kind” for him to work.

The sheriff says the boy went and grabbed a .25 caliber when his sister wouldn’t give him the controller. He says the brother shot the 13-year old in the back of the head and the bullet went into her brain. Continue reading

Indiana School Board Approves Drug Testing Students

An Indiana school board has approved a new policy allowing school officials to drug test students.

Students eligible for testing are those deemed reasonably suspected of using illegal substances.

indiana drug testing students

The board of trustees of the New Albany-Floyd County Consolidated School Corp. passed the policy 5-0 Monday night. Continue reading

NJ Dentist Arrested Motion Activated Camera In Office Bathroom

WABC – Cops in New Jersey arrested, Dr. Scott Meltzer, a dentist, after finding out he was filming folks with motion-activated video camera located in the patient restroom. I hope you remembered to floss and wipe twice..

 NJ Dentist Arrested Motion Activated Camera In Office Bathroom

I’m not sure, but I think I know who he may have been filming and who may have turned him in! One of these ladies perhaps?

Authorities say the good doctor was taken into custody at his Howell office, located in Candlewood Commons, NJ, his office was also struck of all its electronic gadgets, which are now in the possession of the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office Computer Crimes Unit.

 NJ Dentist Arrested Motion Activated Camera In Office Bathroom

The investigation revealed that Dr. Meltzer set up a “Nanny Cam”-style covert camera aimed toward the toilet and may have recorded any person that used the restroom. That camera is believed to have been installed after business hours on Thursday April 4. Five victims have been identified so far, meaning Meltzer is presently charged with five counts of third-degree invasion of privacy.

Police indicated that If images are located and additional victims are identified, there will be additional charges filed.