Trendy Studio City CA GOES DARK After Transformer Explosion

Thousands are in the dark, without power, in trendy Studio City after a transformer exploded Wednesday evening.

According to the Los Angeles Fire Department and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, about 8,700 customers are without power in the Studio City area.

studio city power outage universal

Fire officials said an explosion occurred at an electrical substation off Coldwater Canyon Avenue. Continue reading

Adult Star Attempts To Change Her Own Life By Saving Others

A 29-year-old ex-porn star named Harmony Rose, quietly left the porn industry a couple years ago, all to help save people’s lives.

Rose left the porn industry, and decided to start living a more wholesome life. She moved back East, and became a volunteer EMT (emergency medical technician) with the ‘Cave Spring Rescue Squad’ in Roanoke County, Va. But surely enough, just when the gal tried to move on from her dark past, the transition didn’t smooth over as easily as creamy peanut butter to toast…

Now that Roanoke County leaders and people who live in the town have connected the dots, and figured out that Harmony Rose is the same Harmony Rose from ‘deep in the valley’ (term for porn town in Van Nuys), some do not feel comfortable with Rose’s new gig in their town. According to news outlet WDBJ7, some are angered with the fact that a former porn star is trying to get a fresh start in their town. Luckily, most of the time second chances are given in life, and Rose just might be able to stay on that bandwagon.

Roanoke County Attorney Paul Mahoney wrote a letter in response to Roanoke County Fire Chief Rick Burch, who sought legal advice regarding Rose being apart of the EMT volunteer group. Mahoney basically stated that as long the volunteers “exhibit the highest degree of trustworthiness and public esteem,” and don’t cause “public ridicule of volunteer squads, departments, or the County,” then the volunteer(s) deserve their role.

Mahoney also recommended that the final decision to keep or dismiss Rose, should be made by volunteer Chief Laura Alexander, and Alexander says that Rose is still a volunteer as of this week.

Do you think Rose deserves a second chance? Should she be able to work in job where peoples lives depend on her? How would you feel if it was up to an ex-porn star if you live or die? Leave your thoughts below in the comments section!

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