April 13, 2017

Target Announces MASSIVE Easter Egg RECALL Ahead of Easter Sunday

Target has issued a massive recall over a water-absorbing egg toy that may harm kids if ingested. This recall involves Hatch & Grow Easter Eggs, Easter Grow Toys and Hatch Your Own Dino.

About 560,000 of the toys were sold at Target locations throuhout the U.S. Hatch & Grow Easter Eggs and Easter Grow Toys have model number 234-25-1200 on the back of the product’s packaging.

If the small toy is ingested, it can expand inside a child’s body and cause intestinal obstructions, resulting in severe discomfort, vomiting, dehydration and could be life threatening. Surgery is required to remove the toy from the body, if ingested. Continue reading

April 13, 2017

THAT’S A RAP: Jennifer Garner Files For DIVORCE From Ben Affleck

Actress, Jennifer Garner has officially filed for divorce from hubby, Ben Affleck, TMZ is reporting.

In June 2015, the couple announced that they had separated. As far as prenups go, there isn’t one, so chances are all of their earnings during the time they were married will be split 50/50, unless they agree otherwise. Safe to say that Affleck made a lot more than Garner during the marriage.

Both Jen and Ben filed pro per — without a lawyer. Her petition and his response mirror each other completely. The petition and response were filed together, which means it was coordinated. They both want joint legal and physical custody of their 3 kids. As for spousal support, they left it open, so the judge could award it before the divorce becomes final. There are strong signals the case will not be handled in court, but rather by a mediator, especially by the way the docs were filed. This is the M.O. for disso queen Laura Wasser, who has guided various celebrity couples through mediation and then has them file for divorce pro per. h/t tmz

Ben and Jen are still negotiating a financial settlement. The divorce could become final in 6 months.

April 13, 2017

At Least Four Shot At Atlanta Metro Station

At least four people and possible more have been shot at the Atlanta Metro Station.

There are reports that several people have been shot at an Atlanta metro station.  The shooting happened at the West Lake MARTA station.  At least four people have reportedly been shot, but there’s no word on their conditions. h/t myradiolink

The suspect was reportedly taken into custody.


April 13, 2017

24 People Stuck On Jokers Jinx Roller Coaster Six Flags in Largo Md

Theme park officials and Prince George’s County Fire Department are confirming, 24 people are trapped on the “Jokers Jinx” roller coaster at Six Flags in Largo, Md.

Park Officials say it’s the roller coaster called “Joker’s Jinx” on which the individuals are trapped.

“PGFD confirming @SixFlagsDC Jokers Jinx has stalled ride with 24 riders on-board. Developing plan of action Tech Rescue/High Angle Team”

Firefighters must take each individual down on-by-one using a harness.

PIO Mark Brady says the riders are upright and appear to be OK. h/t baltimore.cbslocal

April 13, 2017

Irvine High School LOCKDOWN Student Locked In Bathroom EXPLOSIVES

abc7 is reporting, Irvine high school has been placed on lockdown and evacuated after a male student locked himself in the bathroom while claiming he possessed explosives and guns.

Northwood High School in Irvine was evacuated Thursday amid reports of a male student locking himself in the bathroom claiming to have guns and explosives.

The police department received a call around 1:40 p.m. regarding a male suspect who said he was a student at the school. He said he had locked himself in the bathroom and was armed with explosives and guns. Continue reading

April 13, 2017

UNITED CURSED? Now SCORPION BITES Airline Passenger Mid-Flight!

First the leggings, then the dragging, and now, a United Airlines passenger was stung mid-flight by what airline officials believe was a scorpion.

The shocking incident, which resulted in the passenger reeling in pain, happened last week on a flight from Houston to Calgary, Canada.

In a statement, the airline said that the passenger, whose identity has not been released, received medical attention when the flight landed. According to airline officials, the sting was not life-threatening. h/t 6abc

The airline said it has reached out to the customer to apologize for the incident.

The scorpion encounter happened just days before a high-profile incident in which law enforcement officers were called to forcibly remove a ticketed passenger from a flight to make room for United employees.

That passenger, Dr. David Dao, claims he suffered from a ‘significant concussion,’ his attorneys said Thursday. The incident has prompted massive public outrage fueled by social media.

April 13, 2017

Man Poses For Risqué Photoshoot in Lumber Yard As Anniversary Gift To Wife

Jonathan LeFleur, from Dallas, has found his 15 minutes of fame after posing in a lumber yard in a series of photos meant as an anniversary gift for his wife.

The ‘dudeoir’ photoshoot is to be compiled into a calendar as a gift for his lucky wife who will no doubt get a big kick out of all his model-like poses while reclining on planks of wood and balancing on poles.

Wearing nothing but a high vis jacket, boots, underpants, a hard hat and sunglasses, LeFleur was photographed with poles and building materials.

LeFleur appeared to relish playing the role ‘Johnny Lumber’ – assigned to him by his brother-in-law, photographer Josh Melton. Continue reading

April 13, 2017

San Bernardino Man BEHEADED In Freak Motorcycle Accident

A man traveling on a motorcycle was decapitated in a freak accident in San Bernardino, California on Tuesday morning.

Authorities say, Fabian Zepeda, 27, was killed after he drove his motorcycle under a fallen power line stretched across a road.

Police tell the Riverside Press-Enterprise that minutes earlier, a driver lost control of a Ford Taurus, which hit a mailbox and ran across a lawn. Coroner’s officials say the car then hit a wooden telephone pole that snapped in half, and a tension wire fell across Macy Street. Zepeda drove into it and was beheaded. h/t abc6

Police say the driver did not appear to be impaired and wasn’t immediately arrested or ticketed pending further investigation.

April 13, 2017

SICK: U.S. Muslim Doctor Charged With Performing SECRET Female Genital Mutilations

Northville, Detroit doctor, Dr. Jumana Nagarwala, was charged on Thursday with performing secret (and illegal,) female genital mutilation on little girls as young a 6 years old. Muslims from across the world have the disgusting procedure performed on their daughters to reduce sexual pleasure and promiscuity.

According to documents filed in federal court, Dr. Jumana Nagarwala performed the procedure on young girls between the ages of 6 and 8 years old. A doctor in Minnesota enlisted to help investigate the crime performed an examination on the girl pursuant to a search warrant. The doctor said the girl’s genitals were not normal and observed scar tissue and healing lacerations.

The federal document claims that children from other states were brought to Dr. Nagarwala to undergo the operations. Two victims from Minnesota stayed at a hotel in Farmington Hills in February. One of the girls is 11 years old and told authorities that they came to the Detroit area for a ‘special’ girls trip, and when they arrived at the hotel she and the other young girl had to go to the doctor because ‘their tummies hurt’. Continue reading

April 13, 2017

OOPS! Liberal Chelsea Handler Sends Georgia Voters to Polls a Week Early

Talk show host, Chelsea Handler, made a major boo boo in her efforts to help out Georgia democrat Jon Ossoff, asking her fans to go to the polls to vote for the candidate – a week early.

Handler, 42, took to Twitter on Tuesday to enlist her millions of her twitter followers to vote in the ‘Special election today’, but there was one little problem, the vote is scheduled for April 18th.

Chelsea Handler @chelseahandler: “Special elections today in Georgia. Vote for @JonOssoff in Georgia. He’s our man.”

Continue reading