Who Is Tom Perez? And Is He Really The FUTURE Of The DNC?

Tom Perez is the new chairman of the DNC after being elected at the organization’s winter meeting February 25. Departing chairman, Donna Brazile presided over the election and its problematic voting “clickers.”

Perez, 55, received 235 votes in the second round of voting from members of the Democratic National Committee. He edged out Keith Ellison’s 200 votes. With 435 members voting, the threshold for victory in the second round was 218 votes.

The threshold for winning the first vote was 214.5 votes, and Perez was just one vote shy of achieving that exact mark in the first round. He garnered 213.5 votes to Ellison’s 200, resulting in a second ballot.

Perez confirmed he plans to appoint Ellison the deputy chair of the DNC.

Perez previously served as the United States Secretary of Labor (2013-2017) under President Barack Obama. Continue reading