Charlie Rose Asked Tim Cook Why Apple Bought Beats, And His Answer Might Surprise You

Apple core, Tim Cook speaking to Charlie Rose on why he made the decision to buy Beats.

In the clip, Cook says he was sold on the deal, not soleing on selling the popular headphone, but more so because of their profitable subscription music service. Recurring billing ya’ll!


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After Being OUTED: Tim Cook Attends GAY PRIDE Parade

Apple chief, Tim Cook snapped posing with an unidentified male while attending the 2014 San Francisco Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco, Calif.

Cook had recently been outed by CNBC, however he has never formally come out..


The 53-year-old businessman was accidentally outed as a gay man by CNBC host Simon Hobbs just two days prior during a panel discussion about the lack of openly gay CEOs in large companies. Continue reading

CNBC: Apple Chief Tim Cook IS GAY

Awkward! CNBC’s Squawk on the Street got a little too real after one of the show’s co-hosts accidentally “outed” Apple CEO Tim Cook as being a gay man.

Co-host Simon Hobbs broke the surprising news “I think Tim Cook is fairly open about the fact he’s gay at the head of Apple, isn’t he?”

tim cook apple gay

New York Times columnist James R. Stewart joined the panel to discuss his latest pieceprofiling John Browne, the former CEO of BP, and his “tortured life” living as the gay chief executive of a Fortune 500 company. Continue reading