ONLY IN HOLLYWOOD: Rihanna Breaks L.A.P.D. Commissioners’ Cellphone At Clippers Game

Steve Soboroff, president of the LA Police Commission, was attending a Clippers game and somehow got seated next to Rihanna.

Steve Soboroff rihanna

At some point, Soboroff got the bright idea to take a selfie with the singer, who promptly dropped his phone, breaking the screen..

The point of the picture (other than to make Soboroff the new cool guy at the office) was to raise support and awareness for the LAPD. RiRi volunteered to play photographer but managed to drop the phone while so doing. And, from what Soboroff writes on Twitter, the singer also damaged it in the process.

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Rihanna INSTAGRAM 404 #InstagramBringRihannaBack?

#InstagramBringRihannaBack? Rihanna‘s super popular Instagram page is suddenly gone as in 404! Could it be over the nude photos she’s been releasing on the popular social media platform?

The singer’s account has sadly been deleted, reports our friends at JustJared!

heywhahappened rihanna

But even gossip sleuth Jared wasn’t exactly sure who pulled the plug on the account – just yet.

If you try and visit her @badgalriri page, you get this message from the site: “This page could not be found. You might have followed an incorrect link.”

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Is Rihanna Pregnant? Is Drake The Father? (Baby Bump Photo)

Urban gossip outlet, is reporting people close to Rihanna believe that she’s pregnant, and the father could be Drake..

rihanna pregnant

Rihanna has reportedly given up smoking in recent weeks. But what’s even more surprising is that Rihanna has also given up drinking.

According to our sources inside Rih’s camp, the Bajan beauty refused to attend the official afterparty on Drake’s tour because there would be “too much alcohol and weed smoke” there. So Rihanna went back to the hotel room instead.

So who’s the daddy? While it seems like it should be Drake’s . . . we can tell you with 100% FACTS that Rihanna visited Chris Brown while he was in rehab. And y’all already know what Chris was doing in rehab . . . that’s how he got himself LOCKED UP!!!


Umbrella singer, Rihanna, snapped in a rare fashion misstep moment! Those jeans! They don’t rock! At all sister! And what brand are they, Wrangler? Because those sure don’t look like Diesel! And talk about high-waisted! These denim disasters are practically mom jeans! I do not know what compelled the singer to don these awful threads but thank god it’s a new day – new wardrobe!

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Rihanna Left ALL WET After Fashion Misstep!

File this under: We get it but – but we just don’t get it.. Rihanna wearing this cool adidas dress with what can only be described as a extra long train or tail! There was just one little problem, the streets of NYC are notoriously filthy and making matters worse it was raining! Come on! What was the singer thinking? Maybe she wasn’t? Because she ended fiddling with the confounded train-thingie the entire time!

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